Curtains for Baby’s Room

Curtains for Baby’s Room (2)

Curtains for Baby’s Room


– How to choose curtains for a baby?

– Precautions to take with the curtains for baby

– Curtain for baby: where to find and at what price?

Curtains in a nursery provide a decorative touch while protecting newborns from the sun or light when they want to sleep. They can also help reduce a possible vis-à-vis.

Before any purchase, it is necessary to know the different models, types, materials, or textiles that are most likely to be arranged in a baby’s room—a small overview.

How to choose curtains for a baby?

In addition to hiding the light of day, curtains in the room of an infant can :

– to give a touch of warmth and intimacy;

– to highlight the volumes of the room.

Note: a curtain may be essential in a shared nursery to delineate spaces within the same room.

As such, some categories of curtains are more suitable than others. Among these are :

– The curtains: thin, light, and almost transparent, can be installed alone or with double curtains and discreetly reduce the intensity of incoming light.

– The double curtains are the model that can best conceal the brightness of the room. They can be used in addition to curtains.

– The blinds allow you to adjust the level of brightness in the room.

◦ Those called Venetian will be particularly suitable for rooms exposed to full sun.

◦ Roller blinds or so-called “boat” blinds, meanwhile, let more light through.

Good to know: a wide choice of curtains will allow matching their color to the room’s decoration.

What type of insulation to choose?

You can select several curtain materials to protect the infant from any noise or heat:

– A thermal curtain: it is an anti-heat lining ideal for the summer, which you can add to a classic curtain. It will reflect up to 80% of the sun’s rays and be set up by heat bonding with an iron.

– A blackout curtain preventing light from passing and composed of a polyester side and another side coated with a layer of acrylic.

– A velvet curtain whose heavy texture will protect from the cold and light.

Precautions to take with curtains for babies

Curtains for Baby’s Room (2)

You should not take the installation of a curtain in a baby’s room lightly. The curtains can present a risk, and it is thus advised not to:

– hang curtains, even light, above a crib or bed to limit any risk of suffocation.

– install curtains made of beads or threads for the same reasons as the previous point.

It is advised to:

– use curtains with a string or, if necessary, place it high or cut it.

– choose a thick rod and secure it to prevent falling if the child pulls on the curtains.

– not install the curtains near a source of light or heat to limit any risk of fire.

Curtain for baby: where to find and at what price?

The curtains for a baby’s room can be purchased in specialty stores or decoration stores, in supermarkets with a child department, or on the Internet.

Depending on the curtain, the model, and the brand chosen, the average budget varies:

– From $15 to $30 for sheer curtains.

– From $50 to $100 for blinds, blackout curtains, or velvet.

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