How to Choose Your Window Film

While many window film varieties can perform multiple functions at once, it is essential to note that some adhesive films are better suited to specific applications than others.

Therefore, choosing a window film depends on your needs. This post will discuss the different films and their different functions to help you choose yours.

The film, its use, and application

If you’re unsure how to use or apply a film, this post explains it all in this section. 

What is window film used for?

A window film is usually made of polyester and is applied to surfaces such as glass. It is used to improve the safety, protection, and appearance of your window glass.

Typically, a windowpane is designed to act as a barrier against external elements such as wind, rain, and snow while providing a clear view of the outside environment.

The film, therefore, provides additional protection whether it is to reflect the sun’s ultraviolet and infrared rays, reinforce the impact resistance of the glass or decorate it. Usually, it is possible to buy new rolls of film or factory rolls on the internet.

How to apply the window film?

You will need a few materials to apply the film, including a window squeegee and an application kit.

It will be necessary to carefully clean the glass surface on which you want to apply your film with your glass scraper.

– First, to measure the area to be covered.

– Then, cut your window film with a cutter to the desired dimensions, leaving a small margin to adjust it later, if necessary.

– Then, remove the protective film from your window film and wet the surface thoroughly with the soapy water spray.

– Place your film on the glass surface and remove the excess with your glass scraper, from top to bottom, then from the middle outwards. If necessary, trim the edges to 1 mm from the glazing beads so that the soapy water used to reactivate the glue can escape.

How to choose your film?

To help you with the choice you will have to make, let’s look at the different types of films. We will then discuss the criteria to consider when making your choice among the new rolls of film.

Solar films

These films are generally reflective and protect from the harmful effects of sunlight. They also offer protection from the heat of the sun due to their reflectivity.

This means that you will also save energy because you can reduce the power of your air conditioner. Your curtains, furniture, and other objects in your home will be protected from fading caused by the sun’s rays.

Anti-graffiti and security films

Various security films are available, including the anti-graffiti film, for easy cleaning of this kind of vandalism and protecting the glass against scratches caused deliberately.

You can also find security films, preventing the glass from shattering and reinforcing it against explosions and various vandalism types such as stone or diamond throwing.

Some other security films can be placed on the back of mirrors to secure the glass panels in sports halls.

Privacy films

Privacy films dress up the surface where they are applied while preserving your privacy. These are the frosted films that transform your clear glass into a frosted sandblasted glass while letting the light through.

There are also opaque films that completely isolate your windows from the other side by blocking the light. 

Anti-cold film

The anti-cold films, also known as thermal films, allow for insulating your window, especially at the panes’ level.

You will have a reduction of the heat loss inside your house. This is useful, especially during the winter, to fight against the cold.

It is also an effective way to save on heating costs.

Automotive films

Automotive films protect you from the sun and allow you to tint your car’s windows. They protect the passengers and your vehicle’s components from the aggression of infrared and ultraviolet rays, and they also reflect part of the light. They are tinted to provide privacy and protect you from prying eyes and can even be used to decorate your windows.

Decorative films

Decorative films can give a new aesthetic to a glass surface while changing the atmosphere of a room.

Depending on the design, they can also provide partial protection from the other side.

Several patterns are usually available on the internet, and you will undoubtedly find your happiness among various models. This type of film combines elegance and utility by allowing you to decorate your window.

Hope this post has been able to help you determine which window film you need to choose. In an upcoming publication, we will see what the criteria for selecting a film are? Thank you for reading, and don’t forget to leave your comments below.

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