What Type of Photo Frame to Choose?


– What type of photo frame to choose?

– What style of photo frame do you prefer?

– What decorative choices with one or more photo frames?

With a photo frame, you can display your photographs and images while protecting them. Size, shape, frame types, materials and colours are all elements to consider when choosing your photo frame. It’s also a decorative accessory not to be overlooked!

What type of photo frame should I choose?


The photo frame comes in many sizes. Standard sizes include 10×15 cm, 20×30 cm, 50×75 cm.

You can choose a frame that exactly matches the dimensions of the photograph, or opt for a larger frame. The latter, most often white, has the advantage of highlighting the image and being able to frame a photograph whose dimensions are not ordinary.

Tip: If the photograph has non-standard measurements, or if it is larger than standard frame sizes, ask a framer to make a custom frame.


The most common commercially available photo frames are rectangular or square.

There are also round or oval frames, just like the old frames, whose glass was slightly curved.


There are photo frames that can be placed on a piece of furniture, thanks to a crutch, or hung on the wall, equipped with a fixing system.

Note: wall frames are generally sold with mounting systems that allow them to be hung horizontally or vertically.

Which style of photo frame do I prefer?


Photo frames are available in different materials:

– Metal gives a modern design style.

– Wood is warm, resistant and easy to paint.

– Ceramic is often worked and gives a precious look.

– Plastic is economical and suitable for fancy models.


The photo frame fulfills two missions: to enhance the image and to integrate harmoniously into the room where you intend to install it.

To sublimate your photograph, it is recommended to choose a frame of the same colour as the second dominant colour of the photo. Why not match it to the first dominant colour? Because a tone on tone frame dulls the image.

As for the harmony with your room, it’s all a matter of taste and decorative style. For example, opt for white, black or raw wood photo frames in a room with a design, contemporary or minimalist look. For a vintage atmosphere, opt for a variety of brightly coloured picture frames. Or even single-colour frames for a classically decorated interior.


From the simplest to the most imaginative, photo frames of all kinds are sold in stores.

If you only want to display your picture, you can choose simple frames with more or less wide borders.

For an original effect, where the frame is as important as the picture, take advantage of the many fancy models, in the shape of fruits, animals, plants, or with funny messages.

Some frames, known as “jumbled”, offer to display a multitude of photographs at the same time. These user-friendly frames allow you to create a patchwork of your favourite images.

Decorating tip: To display several photographs, you can choose a large frame, the size of a poster for example, and place your favourite images under the glass.

What decorating options are available with one or more photo frames?

In which room should you place your frames? Photo frames are traditionally placed in the living room, bedrooms, hallway, and possibly the bathroom.

Tip: It’s best to avoid placing your frames in bathrooms, such as the kitchen and bathroom because humidity can damage the pictures despite the protective glass.

How to place your frames?

If they are wall frames, be aware that a frame alone on a large empty wall is not the best effect.

If your decoration is classic, design or contemporary style, hang a few frames symmetrically in the room for an elegant harmony.

If the room is in a vintage, Scandinavian or country atmosphere, place a multitude of frames on a wall, for a warm decoration. Also, think that many frames hung on a brightly coloured wall will look great.

As for the frames to put, they decorate shelves, fireplaces, consoles, chests of drawers, side tables, etc.

Good to know: photo frames can be bought in many stores: department stores, furniture stores, decoration stores, etc… The entry-level prices are $3, and prices can go up to $100 for an antique or vintage item.

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