6 Tips to Help You Choose the Right Curtains

You’ve been redecorating your home for a few weeks now. You’ve repainted your walls and got new furniture. You are currently looking to add the final touch: your curtains. While you know that these are essential items to set the tone of your décor, you don’t know how to decide which one to choose. From sheer fabrics to opaque textiles, because of the endless options available on the market, it does not make a choice any easier. No need to worry anymore! In this article, we’ve gathered a few tips on how to choose the appropriate curtains for your house. Keep reading!

1. Consider Functionality
Often, people choose their curtains depending solely on their tastes. However, figuring out what your room requires should not be overlooked. It is essential that you understand the difference between drapes, curtains, blinds and shutters as each of them differs in terms of their functionality and can have an impact on how much sunlight your room gets.

Drapes, for example, are usually made of thicker and stiffer fabrics and effectively block out sunlight. On the other hand, curtains are lighter and can be used mainly for privacy purposes and are ideal for living rooms.

2. Look at Materials and Prints or Solids

In addition to the functionality, the material plays an essential role in setting the look that you want to achieve. Choosing whether you want a lightweight cotton fabric or a heavy brocade or velvet will help you in matching the mood of your room. For instance, heavy materials will go well in traditional rooms compared to sheer fabrics that will suit minimalist rooms more.

When deciding on printed or plain curtains, you’ll also have to consider the rest of your interior look. If your furniture and many of your items are printed, we recommend that you go for solid curtains and vice-versa. Floral prints usually suit modern classic and traditional styles while quirky designs and geometric patterns are more popular for contemporary styles.

3. Colour to Match Your Style
Ideally, we advise that you choose colours that will pair well with all your furnishings. You can either complement the tone of your curtains with your walls’ colour or contrast it if you want your drapes to be the point of focus in your room.

4. The Right Length

The right length for your curtains can also add to the visual impact of a room. If you want something that is contemporary or wish to give the aspect of a higher ceiling, hang the curtains higher and let them fall precisely to the floor level. You can also choose a longer curtain that will puddle slightly on the floor. However, if you have kids, it would be better and safer that you opt for curtains a couple of centimetres above the floor.

5. The Width Counts Too
While the length of the curtains is fundamental, you should not forget to measure the width of your window pane or door. If you want to achieve some gathered look on your drapes, you have to add some extra centimetres to the actual width.

6. Think about Maintenance
Although this is not the first step to consider when buying your curtains, it should not be the least either. Some fabrics require more maintenance than others, and you should be aware of how it should be cleaned and how often you need to do it. Cotton and synthetic fabrics are low maintenance ones, and most of the time can be machine washed. But, wool, sheer or silk curtains, especially if they have pleats must be dry cleaned, or hand washed with cold water.

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  1. Thanks for explaining that I will want to consider the functionality of the blinds I choose. I need to get some for my bedroom. It would be great if I could get some blackout curtains that have a pattern to them. That way, I know they can look good and help me go to sleep earlier in the day.

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