9 Tips for Choosing the Lamps in Your Home Without Spending a Lot

Many times, we tend to leave the choice of home lighting for last. How many of us have lived with light bulbs hanging from the ceiling or grandmother’s nightstands that we hate? The lighting of a space is essential when decorating, creating an environment. They are not usually very cheap products, and perhaps that is why they are the last apricot in the jar. But the reality is that they last for years, and once we decide to put the batteries in, we realize how the environment changes with that new lamp. That is why we decided to investigate and think about achieving it without melting in the attempt, but always highlighting that they are noble products that will accompany us for a long time. Here are our tips:


#1. Focus on 1 or 2 main lamps that help to dress the most important house areas, such as the dining room or living room. They can get very original lights in design houses; tons of new designers may even have great prices. You can find many entrepreneurs and small brands on Instagram.


#2. The lamps for bathrooms, laundry rooms, utility rooms, etc. They can be bought in home center stores or supermarkets where there are reasonable prices, and they usually have small geometric style lamps (which are used so much now). In this way, they give a modern touch to the place, with little silver, and they are much better than wall lights classics.


#3. Be inspired by trends, but also find your own style. You can get exciting things in antique or used stores and adapt them to the house’s decoration, either by changing the color or something as simple as changing the lampshades or lamps.


#4. Recycle and recycle. Before you throw, think twice (Marie Kondo, we hope you’re not reading). It is usually quite simple to renew a lamp even if it doesn’t seem like it. If they are smooth plastic, metal, or aluminum, they can be painted correctly. Now there are so many easy-to-use paint products on any surface, and what we paint changes 100%. An example is to paint an applique with matt chalk effect paint, change the lamp to a vintage style, and voila! You already have a completely renovated wall lamp. Or paint a classic white desk lamp in metallic copper color. 


#5. If you are about to decorate the home from scratch, it is vital to take advantage of that moment to think very well about the lighting and plan it according to space. If you can go already thinking corners to take into account plugs in floor or table lamps. Also, consider dichroic lights for some environments, such as the kitchen or hall.


#6. Edison-style lights are very relaxed and dress up space, but keep in mind that they do not illuminate almost anything. It is good to know to think of them in places where the role is merely decorative.


#7. Wicker lamps or those with very dark shades block the light quite a bit and generate a warm and subdued atmosphere, but this must be considered. We can put several or that the lighting of the space is complemented with floor lamps or nightstands.


#8. Many tutorials on how to assemble ceiling lamps with dressed cables and colorful lamp holders made of copper or silver. It is a very accessible and straightforward technique to do; it is a good option for children’s rooms or environments that do not require a too protagonist lamp.


#9. When choosing a lamp that leaves the bulb very visible, think that this cost must be added to the total bill. Cute, white, or Edison shaped bulbs are expensive. With this we do not want to say that it is not worth it, we love them, but we must add it because many times we opt for this type of lamps because of the price of the device and in the end, it comes out the same as others to which they can be put economic sources.

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