5 Ways to Enhance Your Room’s Decor With a Statement Wall

Every room in your house should be unique when it comes to décor, and the way you decorate your room defines who you are as a person. A sober décor might be a minimalistic definition, and a decadent décor would suggest that someone is a fanatic of beautiful things. It is better to start with the areas or corners like the least or the ones you prefer not to work with. You can move around. Be sure to take more action when needed and grab some paint and give some furniture. If your room happens to have a statement wall and you don’t know what to do with it. Here are five ways in which you can uplift the décor of this wall.

1. Create a wall gallery – This one way is to display a collection of art or photographs as it adds personality and color. You can choose to add wall hangings and other ephemera, so if you want something like that, then opt for simple, cohesive frames. You can bring in a range of ornate variations to mix things up. Extend the gallery wall from top to bottom to create an illusion of a larger space.

2. Hang Mirrors – Wall mirrors add light and a cheerful aspect to any room as they make the living room much more immense. Choose to either use the wall to install mirrors or decorative mirrors. If you have a large decorative mirror, place it on the wall to increase the interior design statement and make your living room more appealing.

3. Add some bronze mantelpieces – Decorate your home with bronze mantelpieces as it accentuates your room and adds a touch of sophistication. It also adds character and gives your room a different look. Choose a bold color hand-carved detailing to create a more enigmatic pattern.

4. Paint a mural – If you have a favorite painter, put one of his paintings onto your wall to increase your room’s beauty. Let your wall make you travel to another world! You can either choose a mural or add a text from your favorite book.

5. Add a removable wall art – Customize your walls by adding a removable wall art that will have a luxurious matte finish and come in various styles. There has been an incredible collection of sophisticated removable wall art. Removable wall art is perfect for making your room pleasurable to live in.

If you don’t know what a statement wall is, then here are some points to consider to make one:

Be bold

Be bold. Nothing attracts as much attention as a bold color that’s both vibrant and unusual. Red is the perfect example. It’s not often seen as a paint color on walls, so it’s a real eye-opener. Beware, this color can be overwhelming for some people, so consider using it on a single wall. This will still give the desired effect without becoming too overwhelming. Declaration colors can work very well if the rest of the room is very neutral. You don’t want to use this technique if you already have other bright colors in other furniture.

Industrial colors

It sounds unpleasant but works surprisingly well and gives a real impression of modernity. You may be wondering what constitutes an industrial color? Think about grays, dull browns, and dull greens. Grays are particularly popular and are very well suited for both old and modern homes.


These can take several forms. The traditional border uses a strip of wallpaper to divide the wall horizontally. This allows you to use a darker or bolder color in the lower part and a lighter shade in the upper part. Similarly, a wooden bar can create a border, which has a more traditional English look. Both methods are effective but work best in older homes.

A wallpaper

Perhaps the easiest way to make a statement is to wallpaper a room wall and paint the rest. The wallpapered wall should be the main wall of the room, so it would be where the head of the bed is in the bedroom. The paper should be bold; otherwise, it will not work. Bold patterns work well because they animate the room and give style.

Wall art and decals

These give a massive amount of individuality. You can commission someone to create a wall or an entire room of art or comic book style graphics, which is wildly popular for children’s rooms. With decals, you can use them to create a personalized atmosphere that reflects your style.


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