How to Decorate Baby’s Room (Part 1)


– What decoration to choose for the walls of a baby’s room?

– What floor covering to put on the floor of a baby’s room?

– Baby’s room: furniture

– Baby’s room: decoration accessories

There are many ways to decorate your baby’s room. The choices you make are very important since your baby will spend a lot of time in it in the early years of his life and his room will be the perfect setting for his first awakening. The most important thing is that he feels comfortable in it. For that, follow us…

Which decoration to choose for the walls of a baby’s room?

Some precautions

Above all, be aware that, whatever your choice, it is imperative that you carry out the work in advance so that everything is dry and clean when your newborn baby arrives. Ventilate a lot and for many weeks.

It is not advisable to use wallpaper and tapestries in the baby’s room, because they retain dust mites, thus encouraging allergies, and they use glues that are often toxic. You can however take an ecological glue without solvent.

But paint is not without danger either. That is why it is better to avoid paints that release toxic products into the air, such as water-based paints because of glycol ethers and oil or glycerol paints because of the presence of heavy metals and chemical solvents.

Also beware of odorless paints, which also release toxic substances. Prefer natural paints, Eco label paints, or lime paints.

Colors and stickers

For colors, bet on light tones such as white, gray, or very pale blue or pink. They will create a soothing atmosphere.

You can add some more colorful touches with a garland or frames.

You can also stick original stickers to brighten up the decoration.

Which cover to put on the floor of a baby’s room?

The parquet floor is a sure value. Robust, it is perfectly suitable for a baby’s room as well as a child’s room, and you won’t need to change the covering.

If it is properly maintained, i.e. sanded and sealed, there is no risk of splinters. To avoid squeaks, prefer a glued parquet floor.

Natural fibers are also recommended, such as natural linoleum or cork, which is very flexible and is a good sound insulator. Finally, plastic floors in vinyl or PVC offer many different finishes and have the advantage that they can be changed quickly.

Caution: Avoid carpeting, which retains dust mites, or vacuum it at least twice a week to limit allergies.

Baby’s room: furniture

Depending on your preferences, you can choose a crib or cradle for your baby. Their main difference is size, as a crib with bars can seem huge for a newborn.

But be aware that you’ll need to change the crib more quickly than the slatted crib, about 3 months after the baby is born.

For the mattress, prefer natural latex or organic cotton mattresses.

Count $70 for an entry-level crib without mattress and a minimum of $60 for a rocking crib. They are easily accessible in furniture stores and baby specialty stores.

Tip: You can install a rocking chair or rocking chair near your child’s crib, to quickly put him to sleep if he falls asleep in your arms.

Changing table

The changing table is an essential piece of furniture for a baby’s room.

Its height must be adapted, to avoid back pain when changing the diaper. Think of taking one with storage, to have all the material within reach. If not, you can also buy a storage cabinet.

For a changing table with built-in drawers, count at least $50.

This post will now continue in part 2 in our next publication by next week. Stay posted and remember to leave your comments below.

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