Moroccan Decor for Your Home

Are you tired of seeing the same old rooms every day? Well, it means it is time for a renovation and make changes that will give your home another look. The one décor that is trending for the time being is the Moroccan Decor that is becoming a trend in most countries. This type of décor combines different cultural influences and styles into a unique blend that is fabulous to look. Remember, there are two types of Moroccan décor: rural and urban. These two Moroccan style types have different features, but they are great choice for home decoration. Heavily influenced from the Middle East, the rural Moroccan home décor include fabrics, rugs, embroideries, and tapestries. As for the urban Moroccan décor includes wood and metal, ceramics, leathers, and other materials. When it comes to choosing, both styles are easy to apply to any type of home décor and it can accentuate the beauty in a more neutral way.

Here are a few suggestions of what you can get depending on your budget.

Moroccan Lamps – Who could resist having a beautiful Moroccan table lamp in their house sitting on a side table or hanging from the ceiling? The colorful, warm ambient light that they give out is comforting and will help you to relax in the evenings. And they come in many different shapes and sizes but there is bound to be one or two that will capture your attention to decorate your home with.

Moroccan Furniture – An extra coffee table or a stool here and there will be most useful in your home. Mind you, this Moroccan furniture does not need to look like your typical home furniture as they are both decorative and practical to use. You could even get yourself a sofa or some tables and night stands. If you happen to have a big room, you could partition off some space with a Moroccan room divider. It is basically a beautiful hand carved wooden divider that will come in handy to even block off a large window to control the lighting that enters a room. There are even wrought iron ones that come with lovely designs if you prefer.

Moroccan Candles – Every home which has candles will find Moroccan candles to be an excellent addition to its collection. These candles come in different colors with intricate designs and for those who love to light candles, will offer many hours of lighting. You could even place some colorful floating candles in your pool or pond to make your evening enjoyable as they light up the water.

Moroccan Pillows – And to add more color to your living room or bed room, you could get some colorful Moroccan pillows. Whether to place them on the sofa, on the bed or on the floor when you want to entertain guests, they are a joy to behold as they brighten up the room with their bright colors. In fact, if you want to add some character to your sofa, you get some Moroccan upholstery and have them made into sofa covers and table runners to place over your sofa or table.

Regardless of what specific furniture or veils you may use, always keep in mind that a Moroccan styled décor at all times uses the highest quality textures as well as the richest styling available. You room needs to evoke complete relaxation, as that is partly what makes it as romantic as Morocco is. Fountains that trickle in the background will cement the romantic look you are trying to achieve.

Lest you forget, be sure and have the soft strains of the seductive Andalusian classic music that is Morocco playing in the background. The music should have plenty of lutes and drums, which are both sensual and evocative of a beating heart, thus it is the perfect accompaniment to the romantic Moroccan style you have achieved.

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