7 Ways to Accentuate a Decor Style

Decorating a space is an essential thing when setting up a home. It may require to have all your time, energy, and concentration, that’s why it is crucial that you get that one decor style right in your mind so that your home does not end up looking like a cartoon home at the end. After searching through decorating books, experimenting and growing up a little, you have finally found the style of decorating you like. Your style could be Arts & Crafts, French Country, Asian, or Metro Hip. A decorating style is related to your personality and how you want to design your home. You may have taken a quiz or something similar. Now that you’ve identified a decorating style, the challenge may be to implement that style and make it important enough for others to notice.

It’s important to know that there are seven simple elements that will help you emphasize that beautiful look.

1. Choose a focal point that reflects your decorating style.

This centerpiece is usually the most dominant element you see and sets the tone of the room. If this piece is not your specific style, the room will not look its best. An example could be a beautiful Queen Anne armoire for a classic traditional style or a large rustic wood fireplace for the Mountain Lodge style.

2. Use colors common to that specific style.

Different styles of decor are usually presented with a collection of colors that are predominant for that palette. Make sure your room has these colors. For example, the French countryside is well known for its pretty yellows and blues. The Americana style would not be the same without red, white and blue.

3. Choose a theme that highlights this style.

Everyone needs a conversation piece or collection that demonstrates the personality and interests of the owner. A collection doesn’t have to be large either, just 3 to 5 items. Ginger pots for Asian décor or pretty porcelain teapots to enhance an English garden style.

4. Frame an authentic object that is original for the country or time period.

This simple task does not have to be expensive. Antique postcards from Italy for your Tuscan-style villa or wine labels from France for a European look will add authenticity and a personal touch to the decor.

5. Buy a large coffee table book to show off this decor.

Beautiful coffee table books can subtly enhance the style you love. The book should be a decoration book but rather a subject related to style. For example, a Vintage ad for the Shabby Chic look or an Andy Warhol book for the Metro-Modern look could be the touch that will embellish the room.

6. Use plants or flowers that match the decor.

Greenery can be real or artificial, as long as it looks healthy. Nothing spoils a designer’s look like a dying plant. Use cacti for the Southwestern look or a large palm tree for the Tropical style.

7. Review all your accents and accessories to make sure they match your new style.

By looking at each element individually to see if they match (not necessarily perfectly), you can ensure you have a well coordinated look. Look for a geometrically patterned pillow for a modern look; look for fringed lampshades for an Old World style.

Remember that decorating is a process. Looking for the perfect accessories to enhance your style is part of the fun. With a little time and effort, you can get the change you need without spending a fortune. And don’t worry about doing it all at once. Decorating is not about expensive design, but about using the things that are important, meaningful and fun for you and using them to inspire you in your homefiguring out what can take time. I know it does for me! These tips will help you add the style you want to the home you love.

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