How to Decorate Baby’s Room (Part 2)

This post is a continuation from Part 1 on How to Decorate Baby’s Room. Lately, we have gone through:

– Which decoration to choose for the walls of a baby’s room

– Some precautions

– Colors and stickers

– Baby’s room: furniture

– Changing table

We will now cover:

Chest of drawers



Decorating accessories

Chest of drawers

The chest of drawers is a piece of furniture that will allow you to store your child’s clothes. For a quick dressing down, remember to sort his things.

You can find them starting at $30 in all furniture stores, but be aware that prices increase quickly with the finishes and the nobility of the material.


The wardrobe is a piece of furniture in which you will be able to store your baby’s clothes that are harder to fold. Many baby closets are beautifully decorated.

With properly sized hangers, coats, shirts, dresses, and other tunics will hang and be perfectly organized.

It is a piece of furniture that you can find in any furniture store starting at $50.


Although your baby is still too small to understand what you’re saying, she’ll really appreciate it when you read her stories and rock her to sleep.

The library will be a welcome addition to his room. If not, put a shelf in the room if it’s too small.

The minimum charge for a small bookcase is $60.

Baby’s room: decorating accessories

Babies have trouble distinguishing details. So use brightly colored toys to stimulate your child’s brain. Pastel colors, on the other hand, will create a soothing atmosphere.

Mobile phone

Think of a mobile phone to hang over your baby’s crib. It will be a landmark for your child with its various shapes and colors, will arouse his curiosity, and help him fall asleep. There are many different models, with or without music, with a lift, battery-powered, or those that move only with air or if touched. A cell phone can cost from 10 to $100.


The fixtures you choose are also important. Often made of paper or plastic, they can have many different shapes depending on the decoration chosen for your baby’s room. Some lampshades are also cut out to project particular images, such as animals, onto the wall.

Idea: Another possibility to bring some light: light garlands. Whether you hang them on the wall, place them on a piece of furniture or on the windowsill, they bring a little color into the room. Choose light colors instead if you want to create a calm decoration. Conversely, if you want to brighten up the room, turn to bright colors that will highlight the room.

Count a minimum of $15 for a light fixture and $10 for a garland.


Finally, another decoration accessory perfectly adapted for a baby’s room, the coat hook. It is a type of support fixed to the wall, which can take different shapes such as animals or clouds, and which can be used to hang clothes or curtains for example. It is easily accessible in all decoration stores. Count at least $10.

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