Outstanding Ideas for Your Living Room Decor

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    – Principles of a design decoration

    – Which furniture for this decoration?

    – Wallcoverings adapted to a design decoration

    – Floor coverings for this type of decoration

    – Textiles or curtains to create a design decoration

    – The most deco

The living room has become THE living room par excellence. We are thus witnessing the emergence of new decoration styles for this room: design, Asian, Moroccan or African decoration; the main thing is to make your living room friendly. 

Principles of a design decoration

Even if great designers have appeared for over 20 years, the design for a living room is specific to each.

After all, who says that mixing rusty metal (or not) with stone and leather is not design?

Of course, there are some rules to respect. The colour, for example, is a must, even if you can find so-called design decorations in catalogues or flyers based exclusively on neutral colours like black, white, and gray.

The furniture must remain sober. Prioritize the functional and the symbolic. For example, for the walls, think of stickers.

Nevertheless, who says uncluttered does not say lack of comfort. Do not hesitate to test the comfort of the sofas, poufs, and the coffee table’s height. Indeed, they are not always the same height.

Let yourself go; the design is not as cold as it seems—only the choice of colour matters.

What furniture for this decoration?

The table with a glass top and arabesque stone base will be a masterpiece for your living room design.

The must-have will, of course, be the mix of 3 materials for the table; brushed steel, stone, and glass.

Avoid armchairs surrounding the table and prefer poufs stored under the table, for example, cubic, in leather with a plastic base.

You can also place leather pears with polystyrene balls inside. If you are sensitive to sound, the noise may be annoying, but the style is effective.

Choose a straight sofa against a plain wall or, if space permits, a corner sofa. In the option of a linear sofa, it is good practice to arrange by two opposite. In this case, avoid matching armchairs or poufs.

For the colours, imagine the mobile furniture: poufs, armchairs colour-matched with the walls …

A low cabinet without drawers will fill a wall left available on which you will place a flat-screen TV and other audio-visual equipment. These must be seen.

Of course, other atmospheres are possible for a design decoration. Still, you will have to call an interior decorator in futuristic design if your budget allows it.

Wallcoverings adapted to a design decoration

Living Room Decor

Many possibilities are available to you for a design decoration of your walls.

If you have opted for furniture combining wood, stone, and glass, add a metallic touch on one of the room’s walls. To do this:

    – Spray acrylic silver spray paint on one wall and use a quack brush.

    – Before the paint dries, make irregular movements to give structure to the paint.

It is possible to renovate the room to leave the wallpaper on the existing wall (for example) and apply a coating on 3 walls by staking it with a sponge that will have for only this one use.

To do this, place the sponge on the coating before it is dry, remove it, and continue on the 3 walls.

You will paint the fourth wall in the colour of your choice. Avoid the frieze that separates a wall in two widthwise; it may give a standard style to your room.

If you choose to go for a plain room, decorate the walls with aluminum frames with futuristic pictures. A black and white “American capital” style poster will also look great.

Floor coverings for this type of decoration

For a design decoration, avoid all carpets. A smooth and glossy surface will be totally in the mood you want to create.

You will find metallic effect linoleum that is easy to install and lightly priced if you don’t own your house or apartment.

Install a matte black tile to bring out the furniture and walls if you own a house. The walls will then be plain, just like the furniture.

Finally, a carpet in a neutral colour that matches the legs of the coffee table will bring a cocooning note to your design decoration.

Textiles or curtains to create a design decoration

Living Room Decor

Curtains, blinds or curtains that is the question …

In choosing a curtain, prefer the white without patterns and iridescent that you will find in large DIY stores or decorations.

Curtains? They are not necessary for a design decoration since only the light is mastered, especially if you have a room with reduced measures.

If your room is located in the west, you can afford blinds that will bring shadows striped in the room when the sun enters the room.

Also, avoid cushions or choose them inappropriate to the style of the decoration: for example, select straight sofas, a rectangular piece of furniture and add plain cushions placed on the couch.

The most deco

If you have a ceiling light, choose a spider light with 6 or 8 branches in brushed steel and articulated that will allow you to light your coffee table and different frames or objects.

The ecological bulbs are not necessarily aesthetic, and they should not be visible.

Finally, if you choose other lighting types, select high lamps on tiltable feet from different retailers, with colours matching your furniture but discreet.

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