4 Criteria For Choosing Your Woodwork

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Choosing woodwork for your home is not a random decision. Certain criteria must be considered. To help you make the right choice, read thisĀ article.

Choose according to the material.


In carpentry, wood, PVC, and aluminum are generally used. They all have their respective advantages and disadvantages.

Wooden carpentry

Despite the popularity of PVC and aluminum carpentry, wooden carpentry has maintained its place in the ranking of the best materials for carpentry. And for a good reason, they present real advantages for house occupants. Their longevity is impressive, meaning they do not require repairs for decades. Indeed, they can be used in the renovation as well as in new construction.

In addition, they add a touch of aesthetics to your home, as wood is a material with a very beautiful appearance thanks to its colors. Moreover, this type of woodwork is very ecological. They are therefore not harmful to your health. Indeed, they are subject to attacks by xylophagous insects. However, wood joinery requires regular maintenance in order to preserve its aesthetic appearance and extend its life.

PVC joinery

Like wood joinery, PVC joinery can be adapted to construction and renovation projects. They are very appreciated for their high performance in terms of thermal insulation. Indeed, they can limit heat loss through the windows. In addition, they can prevent noise from the outside. That’s why they are called excellent acoustic insulators. In addition, these windows have a very long life span and do not deteriorate over time. In addition, they manage to preserve their original appearance despite their exposure to sun and rain. In addition, PVC windows are very easy to maintain.

As for their negative points, PVC joinery is not very aesthetic. Moreover, the proposed finishes are very limited.

Aluminum carpentry


Aluminum carpentry is appreciated for its longevity, lightness, and durability. It is becoming more and more popular because it is very aesthetic. They are therefore a must in terms of decoration. But their main disadvantage lies in their price. Indeed, compared to wood and PVC joinery, they are quite expensive.

Choose according to the solidity of the joinery.

To choose your joinery, you must also take into consideration its strength. To do this, you must choose a very robust material such as metal or aluminum. It guarantees the durability of your work. This means you won’t have to change your windows or doors for decades. Indeed, it resists well to the bad weather and to the changes in weather.

Choose according to the aesthetic aspect of the joinery.

The aesthetic aspect of the woodwork you choose for your home is a criterion not to be neglected. Indeed, it contributes to the improvement of the decoration of your home. To do so, the woodwork you choose must be in perfect harmony with the decor of each of your rooms.

If you wish to bring more modernity to your house, prefer PVC joinery. On the other hand, if you prefer a more rustic style, opt for wood joinery.

Choose according to the level of insulation you want

Last but not least is the desired level of insulation. This point is essential when choosing woodwork, especially for windows and doors. For optimal insulation, we advise you to opt for wood joinery because wood is an excellent natural insulator.

PVC, wood, or aluminum: how to choose?


This is why replacing your old joinery with PVC models is relevant! Insulating and inexpensive, PVC is the most widespread material on the joinery market. It is less aesthetic than aluminum but about 30% less expensive. In addition, it is extremely easy to maintain and has good thermal and acoustic performance. Of course, PVC windows are not known for their aesthetics. On the other hand, they are now colored or plaxed to be able to display many shades, as well as “imitation wood”.

As for wood, it is a natural, durable, and recyclable insulator. Whatever the wood used (pine, oak, exotic wood…), it brings charm and authenticity to any type of housing (new as well as old), especially since it can be easily repainted. Also, this flexible material is particularly suitable for custom-made windows. However, wood requires regular maintenance to preserve its insulating properties. In addition, a varnish is required to protect the frame from warping and mildew. Treatments against fire, humidity, and rodents are recommended every 2 to 3 years.

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