Weathered Wood And Cement Tiles For A Country Chic Style


Decorating your home with original decorations is not easy. For more originality and to give your home a makeover, adopt the country chic style. This term was first used in the 80s by the English magazine “World of Interiors”. It is a combination of English country style and French romanticism. So, without further ado, let’s dive into this blog and learn some of the things you ought to know about country chic décor.

How to create a chic and cozy country decor?


Without further ado, I suggest you discover all my ideas, tips, and inspirations to adopt the country chic and cozy decorating style at home. It will be quite easy in the living room to adopt the country chic and cozy style. To do this, you can choose antique furniture in weathered wood. You will have to play with the textiles to bring the cozy note.

Choose sofas in beige or white fabric and pretty woolen plaids to finalize the decoration of your room. In the dining room, the principle is the same. You will be able to find a pretty wooden farm table in the nearest flea market. Then choose chairs with a classic style in fabric and light colors. Finally, think of decorating your room with pretty mottled accessories.

Typical country-style equipment


Choose furniture made of weathered wood such as chairs, cabinets, and/or dressers to give a natural look. Soft and pastel colors should take more space. For this, opt for beige, white, cream, or gray. The softness carried by these colors blends perfectly with your wooden furniture. Bed linens and curtains should have the same shade and favor natural fabrics such as linen or cotton. You can also choose the models with floral patterns of small size.

As for accessories, equip your interior with baskets and straw hats. Don’t forget to fill each room with bouquets of fresh flowers like lilacs or tulips to enhance the country feel. Also, decorate your walls with clocks, crates, and mirrors. To complete the natural touch, it is important to have a stone wall covering. For lighting, opt for a chandelier or pendant lights.

Steps to take to give wood a patina


You can transform your existing wood furniture to give it a country-chic look. To get started, you’ll need

    • An unglazed wood stand
    • A white acrylic paint
    • A soft brush
    • A colorless wax
    • A pair of disposable gloves
    • A sponge and a soft cloth

Next, prepare the furniture. For raw wood furniture, gently dust the surfaces. If you have stained furniture, wash it with soapy water, then rinse thoroughly before drying. Remove the wax with a sponge soaked in white spirit for waxed furniture. Then, wipe as you go until you have a neutral surface before washing.

Now that the surfaces are ready to receive paint, stain your furniture white, following the direction of the wood grain. Avoid going back and forth to avoid showing brush marks. Simulate traces of wear and tear by leaving a few gaps on the moldings, corners, and decorations. If you are not satisfied with the result, a simple erasure with a damp sponge allows you to make a touch-up.

Then let it dry for 24 hours before adding a dark shade similar to the background color or another coat of white patina. The colors that blend into each other form the patina as they dry. Finish the job by wiping all surfaces with a wax cloth covered in spackle. Wipe with a clean cloth after half an hour for a satin finish.

Reasons to choose a cement tile floor


Interior tile is still a timeless choice. Here, cement tiles are the way to go. Although they are perceived as old-fashioned materials, they contribute to your interior’s country chic look. Indeed, their plain tones allow you to enjoy a retro atmosphere. Several patterns from the 1900s are also available: floral interlacing, brightly colored rosettes, turquoise blue, etc. Entrust the installation of your cement tiles to an experienced tiler.

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