4 Reasons Why A Bathtub Is A Perfect Addition to your Home


When buying their dream house, some people don’t really think about their bathroom or shower situation. This is a red flag in our books because you will be using your bathroom daily and even a couple of times a day. Because of this, your shower and bathroom game should be top-level and shouldn’t be something that you think about last minute.

I take a long bath to relax every other day, I get myself a good glass of wine and my current read, and I just lay there in my bathtub relaxing. For me, this is what self-love and care look like. So, without further ado, let’s learn why a tub will be the perfect addition to your home and will be something that you love.

1. Increase property value


Whenever you are adding or removing something from your home, you need to think about this impact on your home. You should also think of resales value when you are renovating. According to most realtors, a suitable shower fixture or bathtub can increase the overall property value of your home.

If your bathtub or shower has practical features like easy maintenance and energy efficiency, you’ve hit gold, my friend. More and more people are searching for homes with tubs because this is currently a hit for most homeowners.

2. Health benefits


A warm bath can have a plethora of advantages and maybe also beneficial for your physical and mental health. Hot water widens your blood vessel, which helps improve blood circulation; it can even reduce blood pressure and is said to be good for cardiovascular health.

Warm water also works wonders on sore joints and aching muscles. According to some studies, warm water is said to help ease chronic pain and aches like fibromyalgia, arthritis, and back pain. It should also be noted that the buoyancy of water is known to relieve pressure on your joints, and it relaxes your muscles which ultimately reduces swelling.

On top of all that, it is also a fabulous way to de-stress and relax oneself.

3. Reduces stress and promotes sleep


The warm water in the tub can help reduce stress and rejuvenate your body. According to studies, warm water is known for having a soothing effect on your muscles on top of being relaxing. So, soaking in your bathtub may be more advantageous than you think, especially if you have had a hard day at work.

If your tub has a massage function, you can use it to reduce soreness, which will also have a relaxing effect on your body and will ultimately relieve stress. Hot water is also known to expand one’s blood cells, and this increases the blood flow in your circulation. So a hot shower or bath before sleep can ameliorate your sleep.

4. Good for your skin


It is a fact that warm or hot water is good for many bodily ailments; it has incredible effects on your skin. According to dermatologists, hot water helps to open up your pores, and they aid in deep cleansing of the skin. This can also remove toxins and dirt from your body without much difficulty.

If you add bath salt and a bit of essential oil to the tub, you are actively removing the impurities in your skin and are rejuvenating your skin. This detoxification will not only clear your skin but will also clean your mind. This is an easy fix in our books if you want to have a spa experience at home and on a budget.

Are you looking for a shower or tub specialist?


A tub is a perfect addition to your home, and it is something worth investing in, in our humble opinion. In my books, a tub is more glamorous than your common shower, and I used my tub to relax and de-stress after a long day at work. However, the price of a bathtub may deter some people from considering it as a viable opinion but trust me, it’s worth it, especially if you love taking long baths.

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