Contemporary Style: Colors And Materials


Decorating your home can be a real hassle, especially if you don’t know what style you are going for. One technique that you can opt for that is very on-trend and vogue right now is the contemporary style. Industrial and more stripped-back décor is the way to go with modern aesthetics, and it is what most interior designers go for nowadays.

Want to follow the trend of the day to decorate your home? Here are some ideas of colors and materials to adopt.

Trendy colors

The contemporary style adopts a light color and harmonized and balanced shades.



Unusual but in vogue, the color black is embarked in interior design. This concern objects with a metallic finish. Dyed in black, they are exceptionally bright and evoke the hardness of the material while hiding its minor imperfections. In addition, the black plays a good contrast with other decorative elements. It is found especially in furniture and objects of contemporary style.

For example, if you like white for your furniture, it matches well with black. Similarly, if your floor is covered in parquet, black works well with the contrast of wood. On the other hand, if you are not a fan of this color, you can integrate it in a minimal way in your decoration. For example, you can paint your ceiling black to keep it discreet.

Placed there, it combines perfectly with the gold of the suspended chandeliers. Similarly, you can use it to dress the edges of a surface such as windows or wall frames and support decorative objects in copper finish. On the other hand, you can choose black for your upholstery fabrics by creating graphic patterns for ribbons or cushions.



White is always in vogue. This color is the best choice for those who are not good with colors. It reflects cleanliness and brightens your interior by reflecting the sun’s radiant light. Also, it is the best ally in decorative matters.

In addition, it is easy to implement. Because of its softness, it can be installed on wall coverings and furniture. For this purpose, you can coat your wall and upholstery fabrics in white. This color goes wonderfully with the contrast of wood, such as parquet flooring, armchairs, and wooden coffee table.

In addition, you have a wide choice of color schemes. You can add beige or brown, sand or gray to brighten up your interior.

Dark colors


Dark colors such as blue, pastel, purple and green are also part of the contemporary style. A small touch often inserts them in the decorative style to bring a beautiful harmony. For this, decorate the colors of your furniture arrangement with these dark shades. For example, you can paint the middle of the front of your cabinet with mineral paint of blue color.

Objects with contemporary style


The contemporary style is characterized by the design of furniture, innovations, and the use of technology. It is characterized by the combination of natural materials such as glass, wrought iron, stone, and wood. In addition, it reproduces neutral and classic colors such as pink, beige and black in a resplendent way.

Apart from furniture and lighting, wall decorations are also in the spotlight in the contemporary style. Thus, you will find a coffee table with a black glass top and metal legs. Similarly, there are also lights in metallic finish of rust, sanded or pink tone as the floor lamp.

The wooden clock with glass and the metal framed mirror are examples. On the other hand, furniture and decorative objects made of natural stone, such as marble and granite coffee tables, are very trendy. You can also opt for a natural stone bathtub in your bathroom.

Final thought


Remember, always go with something that speaks to you because what’s fashionable today will be out of style in a couple of weeks. So have fun while decorating your dining area because it is your house, and you can style it however you want.

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