Dining Room: Vintage Style


Fashion and design are circular and what was considered old-fashioned a couple of years back is now fashionable again. The vintage style is back, and it is stronger than ever. So, if you are a fan of retro décor then, this is the perfect style for you and should be something you look into if you are renovating your kitchen or dining area.

Want to change your dining room decor to make it more stylish? Try the vintage style. The vintage style mixes eras, materials, colors so that your interior can become personal and harmonious space. Here are some tips!



The word vintage comes from the oenological term that is often used to denote vintage alcohol: like spirits or wines. But this word then spread to several fields, such as fashion and decoration.

The vintage style has become an art of living while looking for a specific era’s rare and determined piece.

Why choose the vintage style?

A vintage-style dining room is often furnished with various design pieces from the 20th century. The spirit of this style of decoration is infinite. The seventies, sixties, retro…

Moreover, a vintage dining room can easily combine eras so that all family members can feel comfortable and relaxed.

What are the different vintage styles?


There are many different kinds of vintage styles, and most of them can make your dining room look great. The most well-known are:

  • Scandinavian design;
  • Industrial design;
  • The seventies design.

Scandinavian design

The Scandinavian design gives a warm atmosphere and a clean and simple setting to a dining room. For a perfect decoration, add pastel-colored plates, a huge round table made of blonde wood, and cloth table linen.

If you want to design your dining room in a Scandinavian style, know that wood is the most used material. This is especially true for furniture.

Industrial design


Choosing the industrial design is to opt for a loft spirit in your dining room, regardless of the size of the space. For a successful design of this room, focus on proportions. You can choose the following elements:

  • A table made of solid wood;
  • A tabletop made of raw wood with a married finish;
  • Chairs with an antique style: to accentuate the industrial trend of the decoration;
  • Metal or iron stools;
  • A metal buffet;

You can also hang a clock or old posters. Indeed, the accessories have a rather important place in the industrial style.

The seventies design

Bedroom, kitchen, living room, dining room… The seventies design is back in the spotlight in the interiors: antique cement tiles, vintage furniture, and retro objects; every detail counts.

What are the necessary steps to create a vintage decoration?

To create a vintage decoration in your dining room, you just need to choose and combine certain elements well, such as colors, material, and furniture.

Choose the right material.


Colors and materials are the most important in vintage decoration. Cement tiles, copper, rattan, brass, velvet, leather, and Formica are the most used in vintage-style interiors.

Opt for the right color

When it comes to color, mustard yellow and pastel are most suitable for vintage decor. But that doesn’t stop you from using vintage wallpaper.

Rely on second-hand furniture


If there is a centerpiece of vintage style, it is undoubtedly the furniture. Tubular chair, rattan armchair, school desk, Scandinavian enfilade… You have plenty of choices.

Remember, always go with something that speaks to you because what’s fashionable today will be out of style in a couple of weeks. So have fun while decorating your dining area because it is your house, and you can style it however you want. 

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