African Decoration Ideas for Your Home

African Decoration Ideas for Your Home

African Decoration Ideas for Your Home



 – What is an African decoration?

 – Which furniture to choose?

 – Wall coverings for an African decoration

 – Which floor coverings to choose?

 – Textiles and/or curtains to create an African decor

 – Tip: how to create an African painting?

 The field of the adult bedroom is linked to the couple, and the decoration of the place is decided by two, but what type of decoration to choose? African, contemporary, romantic, or Zen decoration? 


 What is an African decoration?

 The African decoration is based on a change of scenery, a nomadic and exotic spirit, where noble woods and earth tones are mixed together.

 To make a success of your African decoration, play on two things: animal prints and ochre, red, ecru, brown, or any other related tones. Teak, ebony, or dark wenge woods will easily blend with these tones.

 Add to the whole technical objects to assert your atmosphere: terracotta pottery, woven wicker baskets…

 The light must have an essential place. In addition, to avoid partitioning the room, feel free to place one or two large plants at most.

 What furniture to choose?

African Decoration Ideas for Your Home


 For the African decoration of a room, choose a bed in a dark wood (in pine with a wenge finish for a reasonable budget, for example) whose head will be in carved wood. It will be the essential piece of furniture in the room.

 Place at the foot of the bed a rattan bench with a dark brown tint and an ecru seat to store comforters and pillows. Bedside tables of the same material will be placed on each side of the bed. These will be lined with metal cups that will serve as pocket trays if necessary.

 An ecru shelf can be placed behind the headboard and will replace the bedside tables to keep extra space on the floor.

 A trunk in natural tinted rattan will allow specifying a spirit of exploratory adventures.

 Wardrobe or chest of drawers? The choice is yours:

 – Choose a wardrobe with a frame in the same wood tones as the bed, cane doors (made of woven rush or rattan), and rusty iron handles.

 – If you prefer a chest of drawers, choose one with 3 or 5 drawers, always in the same colors as all the other elements. You can also opt for a pine chest of drawers to paint:

 ◦ To give it an aged patina, apply dark oak wood stain to the entire piece of furniture with a rag, in short, straight strokes following the wood grain.

 ◦ Then take care, once the stain is dry, to wax the furniture by applying special furniture wax.

 ◦ You can then change the drawer handles if they are wooden with yellowed brass or copper handles.

 Wall coverings for an African decor

 Mitigate two types of materials for the walls: paint and coatings.

 – Coatings:

 ◦ Choose these light coatings: cob (which will give an ancient effect), sanded (for a grainy effect), Moroccan earth (with a stone effect), or lime (will bring a patinated effect).

 ◦ Your preference will be towards light sandy tones or ochre … more than 15 shades exist regardless of the coating chosen.

 – The paint: the colors will be similar to the coatings but know that you can create your shade by using the services of a salesman in the specialized store of your choice.

 Whatever your choice, the 4 walls will be the same color.

 To complete your Zen decor, install a ceiling fan with blades that will give an extra exotic touch.

 Finally, place rattan sconces above each nightstand or above the shelf placed before the headboard.

 Which floor covering to choose?

 Whatever your idea (tile, carpet, parquet, linoleum), as for the floor covering, it will be clear and covered with rugs of different sizes.

 The floor pattern doesn’t matter, only the rugs. Choose a carpet printed with leopard patterns, for example, and others with ochre or ecru tones.

 Textiles and/or curtains to create an African decor

African Decoration Ideas for Your Home

 Ideally, bamboo blinds will give an “out of Africa” look to your decor. This blind can be replaced by plain curtains fixed on dark wood, or wrought iron rods reminiscent of the door handles of the wardrobe or the chest of drawers.

 A mosquito net can be fixed to the ceiling and remain open in winter. However, be careful of the space between the fan and the screen when closing it in summer.

 The bed linen will be resolutely sober and in the warm tones of the room. However, favor brick and ochre tones mixed together.

 How to create an African painting?

 To create your African paintings:

 – Choose shapes in MDF: Maasai women, for example.

 – Paint a canvas frame that must be larger than the chosen shapes with acrylic paint of three different colors.

 – The top will be painted orange, the middle in ochre, and the bottom in dark brown.

 – Paint the MDF shapes in black; for example, these will be shaded.

 – Let the whole thing dry for 30 minutes.

 – Then, glue the shapes on the canvas with wood glue, spacing them a few centimeters apart and keeping 2 cm free at the bottom of the canvas frame to give a depth effect to your painting.

 – To structure the painting, you can mix the ochre and brown color with very fine sand in small quantities.

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