Contemporary Decorating Ideas for Your Home

Contemporary Decorating Ideas

Contemporary Decorating Ideas for Your Home


    – What is contemporary decoration?

    – Which furniture to choose?

    – Wall coverings for a contemporary decoration

    – Floor coverings for this decoration

    – Textiles and curtains to create a contemporary decoration

The field of the adult bedroom is linked to the couple, and the decoration of the place is decided by two, but what type of decoration to choose? Contemporary, romantic, Zen, or African decoration?

What is contemporary decoration?

The contemporary decoration is resolutely modern, simple, and practical and is situated between the design and the classic.

Above all, contemporary decoration is a current decoration in the trend of the big brands or mail-order catalogs. Be careful, however, as each sign or mail-order catalog makes its own choices that they will call “contemporary” anyway.

Moreover, the colors and lines change twice a year, so it is preferable to choose the permanent option.

This is presented in the form of simple furniture (which does not mean minimalist) and trendy colors, whether acid or pastel, for the whole; wall coverings, flooring, or ornaments.

The big trend in contemporary decorating is the headboard fixed on a rod with removable cushions or a single panel with storage pockets (the option we took for this ambiance).

Mix materials and textiles as you wish to adapt this particular bedroom to your personality, and don’t hesitate to compare prices.

To help you in your search and your choice, we have selected an atmosphere that can be translated into an infinite number of color variations or patterns.

Which furniture to choose?

For a contemporary decoration, choose a white platform bed (without a headboard or footboard), where you will place a box spring and a mattress. In place of the headboard, you will fix a rod in aged metal with fancy ends where a taupe or ecru headboard cushion will be slid.

At the foot of the bed will be a white box mounted on wheels for various storage, such as cushions, which, if necessary, will serve as a coffee table for romantic moments. Two white E-shaped bedside tables (with 3 shelves and no door) will be placed on each side of the bed.

A white wardrobe with sliding doors and mirrors will be placed against one wall with no other furniture beside it. A white chest of drawers will complete the ensemble.

The lamps can be made of brushed steel to bring a light metallic note and blend in with the overall decor of the proposed atmosphere.

Tip: if your room is small, choose a platform bed with drawers to avoid a chest of drawers and a trunk at the end of the bed.

Wall coverings for a contemporary decoration

If you plan to stay in your home for a relatively long period, allow yourself a unique and plain stretched canvas (linen, for example) on the wall where the headboard is located:

    – This one will give a warm side in contrast with the coldness of the basic colors.

    – You will take care to put it before fixing the rod for the headboard.

Walls side:

Contemporary Decorating Ideas

    – A matte slate paint will be applied on the window side.

    – For the two remaining walls, choose a very light gray that will reflect the light.

    – On one of these two walls, a wallpaper panel with giant flowers in a neutral color can be applied to bring a symbolic touch to the room.

To complete this contemporary decoration, it is possible to add some frames to the walls:

    – Choose them in brushed metal and different sizes.

    – Slip on some of the remaining wallpaper to replace the photos.

    – Place them opposite the wall covered with wallpaper.

Floor coverings for this deco

To create a contemporary look, there are several options for the flooring in your room:

    – A bare oak floor will enhance the color of the furniture in contrast with the walls and give a bold warmth to the room.

    – If you want more comfort, cover the floor with a plain carpet, cream, or linen that will match the whole.

    – Alternatively, if neither parquet nor carpeting works for you, you can install sisal tiles to give your room an exotic feel.

    – Don’t forget to check out the new linoleum products: the imitations of wood, marble or even stone in this type of material are truly breathtaking. They can give a delicate touch of originality to your space.

Textiles and curtains to create a contemporary decoration

If you have no opposite, do not put curtains or veils to let maximum light through. Of course, you will need shutters if you like to sleep in the dark.

If you choose curtains:

    – You can afford three styles of shade: white, linen, and ecru.

    – These curtains will be in panels without folds and mounted on a rod identical to the headboard.

    – They will be hung with loops.

Add linen curtains embroidered with simple and discreet gray patterns that will give the room a contemporary charm without being outdated.

To contrast the whole room, choose a bed linen set with various colors and patterns (turquoise and mauve, for example) with an ounce of colors reminiscent of the furniture.

Tip: curtains can be replaced by gray blinds that will let the light through when open and will be excellent blackouts when closed.


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