Lighting a Home Interior: Essential Tips

This year, you decided to redecorate your interior during the lockdown, repainting walls and changing furniture that you no longer liked. However, your previous lighting decor is no longer suitable because the lamps and lights no longer fit the new layout. Light decoration can accentuate and enhance your style, but it requires some thought before you begin.

Light: The Central Element of Home Decor

Whether it’s a light decoration in a room, in a spacious salon, in a wall application design, interior or industrial style, light decoration of a house is as essential as furniture arrangement and style. Without light, nothing is illuminated. It can create the atmosphere of a room or enhance the decor; in other words, different types of lighting can be installed to elevate the interior design.

Whether you need lighting to see well, to create ambiance, or to highlight something decorative, such as a painting or part of a room, each component requires interior lighting. This depends not only on its style but also on the purpose you want the lighting to serve, the size of the room, the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, living room, and many other factors. Each room has its own lighting, and each lighting has its style of lamps.

General Lighting

General lighting is functional lighting. It is used to illuminate the room as you enter. The room is then completely illuminated by chandeliers, pendant lights, and ceiling lights that diffuse uniform light. This lighting should be soft enough to be effective but not glaring. Floor lamps and possibly wall lamps can also be well placed in a room to provide overall illumination.

Mood Lighting

Mood lighting can create the desired atmosphere in an interior, whether cozy, relaxing, inviting, sophisticated, or glamorous. Depending on the room and style, wall lamps, string lights, LED lamps, and bedside lamps offer diffused and concentrated lighting, light intensity, and a variety of light colors.

Indirect Lighting

Indirect lighting can be soft and feminine with upward-facing floor lamps, wall lamps with indirect lighting on the ceiling, LED bars along the ceiling, and lamps behind decorative elements.

Which Lamps Are Particularly Decorative?

It depends on the type of luminaire you choose for your lighting decoration. Each luminaire is highly decorative by virtue of its shape and the light it diffuses, creating the desired ambiance in each room. The type of bulb is also necessary. Shape, transparency or opacity, and the colour of the light all contribute enormously to the desired effect.

Decorative LED lamps

The decorative E27 lamps have the appearance of classic light bulbs. The warm white light is appreciated for diffusing a pleasant atmosphere. Thanks to the extensive diffusion angle (300°) of this designer LED lamp, the light distribution in the room is very homogeneous; the E27 LED lamp is very energy efficient and has a service life of 15,000 hours.

Decorative E27 filament bulbs are also trendy. They are available in various shapes, silver-topped spheres, tubular and twisted designs. KHTO DIY Led Desk Bonsai Tree Light, Desk Table Decor 108 LED  Head Lights for Home,Bedroom, Indoor,Wedding Party, Decoration Touch Switch  Battery Powered or USB Adapter : Home & Kitchen

Fairy Lights

Fairy lights can create contemporary lighting and a soothing ambiance with small light spots.

They are especially suitable for bright bedroom furniture. They emit two types of light: cool white and warm white. Other colours can create a glamorous atmosphere in the living room.

Wall lamps

Imagine contemporary and efficient lighting for your living room decor with LED wall lamps. Some wall lamps are available in double beam, round, oval, rectangular, white or silver, and with reflectors.

Other designer LED wall lights look great in black or white. Wall lights are primarily used as interior decorations, but their elegant design allows them to function as decorative pieces as well. When switched off, they dress up a wall surface, and when switched on, their beauty is multiplied tenfold.

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