Interior Trends You Need to Know About in 2023: Cottage Core

During the time everyone spends at home, they realize that comfort is the most important thing for a home. At the same time, you have also realized that a practical home is not enough; you need to be creative by decorating it in your own way.

One trend that has become very popular in recent months is the cottagecore. You are probably thinking of your grandparents’ house or old movies, but this trend also consists of floral patterns, nature, and natural materials.

Key Features of the Cottage Core Trend

The Cottage core aesthetic is gaining popularity due to its simplicity and adaptability to any space. Last year we learned the beauty of having a home in the countryside, at least in a rustic style, and many people started painting.

City dwellers are also undergoing a transformation. They felt closer to nature and wanted to make their space as comfortable as possible, whether in a rented apartment or at home. They just found a way to incorporate the cottage core trend into their homes.

Back to Nature

Cottage core is a trend that places the greatest emphasis on affinity with nature. Planting in the garden (or in small pots indoors), preparing floral arrangements, and creating space to enjoy the sun are key activities.

At the same time, cottage core also emphasizes the materials we use in our homes. Think back to the days you spent with your grandparents in the countryside. Surely you remember encountering natural wood, linen, natural cotton, and embroidered fabrics. The same trend can be seen in terms of aesthetics.

Warm Colors

Color plays a vital role in any trend, which is also true for cottage core. Warm colors are specific to this trend. Whether it’s pale yellow or orange, use it to bring sunshine into your home.

Light greens and blues can also be combined, especially in the case of floral patterns.

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Floral prints

The cottage core trend is also characterized by floral prints. Whether it’s a sofa or a rug in the living room, choose a print with delicate florals. Think of your grandparents’ bed linens, and you will find the perfect source of inspiration.

At the same time, you can take inspiration from wildflowers, a symbol of the cottage aesthetic.

How to Incorporate This Trend Into Your Home

If you are a fan of shabby chic style, you will find it easy to incorporate cottage core into your home. Think about how much you want to gain from this trend and whether this style is right for you, especially if you want to make significant changes or renovate your entire home.

Painting the walls in warm colors is a detail that can be applied to other styles. Then add small pieces of furniture, such as a coffee table.

Choose a floral sofa or armchair if you want to make a more considerable change. If you don’t want to change something expensive, you can use upholstery that can be changed later when you get tired of the style or want to try a new trend.

Don’t forget to bring nature into your home by adding floral curtains. You can add a bouquet, an embroidered poster, or a variety of other textile embellishments.

If you are a fan of floral patterns and warm colors, it is easy to arrange your interior in a way that respects the aesthetics of nature. This trend is perfect for country houses, flat rooms, and other places where you feel most comfortable.

Let us know if these few tips have helped you in the comments below!

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