Top 5 Tips To Decorate Your Teen’s Bedroom


At a certain age, your child will want to change rooms. Their childhood bedroom doesn’t really suit them as they grow up anymore. But what can you do in your teenager’s room to please them? With our 5 tips, you’ll be investing in the future while creating an intimate space that’s sure to be trendy.

1. Use neutral colors


From the age of 13 to 18, your teenager has plenty of time to change his or her tastes and desires. So be sure not to repaint the walls every two years as your child gets bored. While white is obviously an immutable and judicious choice, you can be tempted by a very light grey, a light khaki, or all the soft and neutral tones that should not appear undrinkable in 5 years.

Save this advice for large furniture. Choose a desk in a neutral tone, even if you want to decorate it with more fun accessories that match your child’s age and desires. The same goes for the bed, but have fun with the bedside tables and bed linen!

2. Invest in timeless furniture

If this is your third bed purchase since the birth of your child, don’t worry, this will be the last one on the list. That’s why you should think about buying timeless furniture, just like the desk, bedside tables, and lighting. While no one can predict the trend for the next 10 years, you can’t go for a bed with a New York image or a desk in the shape of a basketball (yes, it exists). Go for sober lines without giving up on design!

Remember that this is the furniture that will certainly accompany your child in his or her first flat. Also, remember that your child will become an adult and may not be able to live up to his or her teenage choices. Think for him/her in terms of timeless furniture.

3. Think About A Mezzanine Bed


Why should you? Because it’s perfect for adults in the making. The mezzanine will be ideal in a child’s bedroom or later in a student’s room. First of all, because it saves a lot of space when you are a student, but also because in your child’s room, where the bed takes up all the space, the mezzanine will free up this space.

 Be prepared; a teenager lives in his room; it is his intimacy and his den. You have an entire house with multiple rooms; he only has this one space. With a mezzanine, you can create a more private and confidential space. You can install his desk, a small sofa, and a coffee table, and set up a small TV corner… The possibilities are numerous, and in any case, your child will appreciate it.

4. Integrate design and trends

How can you create a room for your child that comes out of childhood without looking like a serious adult or a monk and that is timeless while incorporating the codes of his generation? Focus on design and the latest trends.

For example, copper is a material particularly appreciated by decoration enthusiasts; in your teenager’s bedroom, it will bring a youthful touch to the air of time. Here again, suitcases as bedside tables are welcome. Your child has grown up; you can now indulge yourself in the decoration, and it is certain that he will feel more adult and delighted.

5. Twist the wall decoration

mezzanine bed

After all, your teenager is still your child; listen to his desires according to the years and dedicate the walls of his room to them. If between the ages of 13 and 14, he or she is passionate about rock music and, between 15 and 17, about skateboarding, you can simply change the posters and photos on the wall. There’s something for everyone in this room, and it’s a great way to make your teenager’s room look great and feel great!

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