Top 3 Tips For Choosing A Rug For Your Living Room


What size for the living room carpet? How to position this carpet? What style of carpet to choose for a living room? We answer all your questions to find the perfect rug for the living room, as beautiful as easy to maintain! Choosing the right carpet requires a few steps of reflection.

Obviously, before anything else, you will have to choose a carpet that corresponds to your tastes. However, you must be careful to choose a carpet that can live in harmony with the living room decoration and your daily life. Shapes, materials, dimensions, we answer all your questions.

1. Choosing the best carpet for your living room


Many rugs are likely to make you fall in love with your living room! Graphic carpets, arty carpets, design carpets, the trends revisit under an ultra attractive day this essential element of decoration of the living room. However, you must be careful not to be blinded by trends that will disappear as quickly as they appeared in the decorating sphere. You must choose your carpet as a long-term investment. It is out of the question to change it every year, like the sofa or the coffee table. So think about it!

To choose your rug, you need to use common sense and ask yourself the right questions: do you prefer a rug that is in harmony with the living room style or a rug that can bring an offbeat touch to the room? Both are possible. The main thing is to know how to match the colors on the carpet with those in the room and not to overdo the patterns on the floor when you have a living room already loaded with decoration.

The style of the living room carpet will depend strongly on the general style of the room and its location. Juxtaposed with the sofa, the carpet can, for example, display a shade close to the latter. In addition, in the case of a carpet that is not monochrome, the colors displayed may be chosen in tones close to the surrounding elements: cushions, curtains … As for patterns, if the living room is already overloaded with patterns on armchairs or curtains, we will avoid adding with the presence of a carpet that is very visually loaded.

Finally, the carpet and a suspension or wall decoration can support your inventiveness and a touch offbeat within the room. The carpet is part of these decorative elements by which the originality can be embedded in a room. For example, in a classic living room, a design carpet that dares to shape and color will bring a singular aura to the room.

2. The size of the carpet


To choose his carpet, in addition to the look, it will be necessary to be vigilant regarding its dimensions and shape. The surface area of the living room and the furniture present will necessarily impact the choice of the carpet. Ask yourself the right questions about the role you wish to give to this carpet: is its presence intended to delimit the spaces within a large living room or simply to warm up the room? The size of the room and the furniture present will determine the size of the rug.

There is no question of taking a small living room rug when you have a large sofa and a large coffee table. Similarly, avoid a too big carpet in a small living room, which would make the space even more cramped. To summarize: the rug should be proportionate to the furniture in the living room. In addition, depending on the size of the room and its configuration, choosing a carpet all in length or a square rug will be necessary.

3. The material of the living room carpet


Another detail not to be overlooked when choosing a carpet: is its material! The rug’s material must be taken into account because the living room is one of the most frequented rooms in the house daily; it is a real living room, hence the need to choose a carpet that will have a long life and, therefore, resistance! There are three options: natural materials such as wool, and leather, materials from plants such as bamboo, jute, and linen, and finally, synthetic materials such as polypropylene or polyester.

The question of the price will immediately help you to see more. Clearly, the carpets in natural material being the most expensive, they will be denser and more pleasant to the touch. Generally less expensive but less comfortable, synthetic rugs are preferable for a busy room such as the living room, as they are easier to maintain and will better resist small accidents of daily life. These are important advantages for a large family.

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