What Type Of Screen To Choose For Your Door?


Are you tired of mosquito bites but don’t know what to do about them? Why not install a mosquito net on your door? Compared to other protection alternatives, it offers many advantages. Not only is it environmentally friendly, but it is also very economical. In addition, it allows you to leave your doors open on sunny days while preventing the intrusion of insects. However, there are several types of screens available on the market. Choosing the one that best suits your door is not always easy. But rest assured, you will easily find the perfect model for your doors by reading thisĀ article.

Side Roller Screen


It is very popular for easily fitting into any woodwork, especially doors. Equipped with a lateral rolling system in a box, it moves up and down on fixed rails, thus avoiding any lateral swing. Although it closes with a latch, its handle makes it easy to operate. In general, its box and rails are made of laminated aluminum. For your information, this one is issued from numerous flattenings of compact metal. The side roll-up screen can be used in any season with very high resistance.

Sliding screen

There are two different types of sliding screens: the single-winged sliding screen and the double-winged sliding screen. This type of screen is suitable for doors as well as for large surfaces such as terraces and verandas. In principle, the sliding screen is attached to the upper rail through small wheels, ensuring smooth operation. It is the best model to choose if you want to install a silent protection device.

Hinged door screen for French windows

This type of screen works like a second swing door placed outside the entrance door. It opens comfortably from the inside and the outside and closes quietly by itself, thanks to the integrated spring contacts with magnetic locking. These allow the door to close automatically and thus provide reliable protection against pests. The door can be mounted on the frame, on the bottom of the rebate, or directly in the wall sash. The frame is made entirely of aluminum, which is characterized by high strength and guarantees maximum stability and long service life.

    • Ideal for areas of frequent passage where people go in and out regularly and for people in a hurry and families with children
    • Made of materials that are resistant to weathering and corrosion
    • Frame made of powder-coated extruded aluminum profiles
    • Made of environmentally friendly material
    • Designed to remain in place all year round
    • Available in several shades to match the color of your woodwork

Pleated screen

In recent years, the pleated screen has become increasingly popular because of its many advantages. It is easy to install and maintain. Like the sliding screen, the pleated screen is both smooth and quiet. This model also saves space. In fact, it takes up very little space once it is folded. As for its closing, it is ensured by a magnetic profile.

Did you know that the pleated screen also brings a touch of authenticity to your door? Its folded fabric forms an accordion, which makes it more attractive. This is the best option if you are looking for a very attractive door screen. By choosing this model, you won’t have to change your screen every season because its frame is made of extruded aluminum.

Magnetic screen


Do you want to install a mosquito net, but your budget is limited? Rest assured, there are models for sale at prices everyone can afford. In addition to its accessibility in terms of price, it is easy to install. Although the magnetic screen is the simplest model, it can do its job perfectly. Indeed, it prevents insects from entering your home. As a reminder, the fabric of the screen curtain is maintained by self-gripping tape.

The choice of a mosquito net for the door is not made on a simple whim. Therefore, the best solution is to call on the services of an expert in the field. For this, contact a company that specializes in renovating old woodwork. They also offer other services, such as the installation of roller shutters, fences, verandas, blinds, pergolas, and shade cloths. It also carries out all locksmithing and mirror work.

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