Living Room Paint: 4 Trendy Colors in 2022

In 2022, the trend is summarized in a few words: comfort and simplicity. This is true in all areas, including interior design. The proper selection of colors is at the heart of the space’s decoration. So it’s time to honor natural and comfortable tones when choosing paint for your living room. Discover 4 trendy colors of 2022 for the living room paint.

Gray and Yellow: The Royal Duo of the Year

At the beginning of each year, the Pantone Color Institute benchmarks designers and shows the way forward, especially in the choice of living room paint color. In 2022, designers have been directed to a more optimistic world. This world is led by a luminous duo composed of Gray (ultimate) and Yellow (illuminating). These two colors are the perfect duo to give character to your spaces. The duo adapts to the decoration of the living room and even other rooms. To integrate them well, it is recommended, to refer to a specialist in interior design.

On the one hand, the bright yellow does not shy away from warming up the decoration styles. It adds a touch of originality and contributes to the brightness. On the other hand, gray (ultimate) represents, strangely enough, softness and brightness. When applied to a wall, it easily dethrones the conventional white. It also adapts to any decor. When these two colors are combined, they represent elegance. Thanks to their complementarity, they manage to sublimate large and small spaces with skill.


Still called Nude, the terracotta comes from the Italian “Terracotta”. Also, it is often associated with handmade ceramics, antique pottery, etc. When integrated into a living room decor, terracotta warms the atmosphere. This warm and dynamic color guarantees a summery atmosphere. It offers shades ranging from earthy brown to beige to pink. Applied in volume or flat, tarracotta colors will make your living room’s pen go up. Plus, this color palette integrates easily with gray and blue. In truth, terracotta easily blends in with any chlorophyll shade. So it will only add to the summery feel of your home.


Indeed, beige is considered a soft color. It is a mixture of soft cream dye and light brown, giving a calm and neutral tone. Also, it is regarded as the default color for living room decoration. Therefore, beige is sometimes presented as a dull color. These characteristics underestimate the color’s potential. Many professionals see beige as the ideal material for decoration. It has this particularity to combine effectively with almost any other color. Behind its bland appearance, it has the potential to add personality to your living space. When it is present in a room, it amplifies the area and spreads a soft light. It fits perfectly with the need for comfort in this year 2021.


Like the duo formed by gray, yellow, and terracotta, blue adapts to all your rooms. Whether it’s the living room, the bathroom, or the bedroom, blue is a perfect color. It gives the impression of enlarging the interior space of your rooms. When it comes to matching, blue offers you many possibilities. You can choose between:

  • a decoration with a blue cameo with some patterns;
  • a decoration with dark blue, with decorative objects and golden furniture;
  • decoration with light blue broken with brown or black.
  • You can also use the color in different forms, such as art paintings, bedspreads, or cushions.

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