Industrial Furniture: 3 Tips To Successfully Decorate Your Home


Industrial furniture has always had a place in our interiors, especially its unfinished look. Simple, uncluttered, and ecological, they fit perfectly with every decoration style. No doubt, the industrial style has charm. However, it is still not easy to know how to go about it and where to start. That’s why this article offers you some practical tips and tricks to make your industrial decorating a success.

1. Choosing the right colors


The industrial style is neutral and sometimes cold. So you can personalize it and adapt it to your taste. For a beautiful industrial decoration, you can opt for the color black. You can add other colors to this type of interior for an industrial style.

This is one of the colors you should choose and use without hesitation. It is found especially on the leather of the armchairs and the seats. Black metal, for example, is very present in this type of decoration. Brown is also a color to be favored.

You can opt for dark colors, providing space in your interior. Like black, dark gray is also the basis of an industrial decoration. On the other hand, red is a color mainly used for decorative elements by slight touch (cushions, lamps, fabrics, etc.).

In addition, to perfect your industrial decoration, you must also combine materials well. The mixture of materials is at the heart of this type of decoration. For example, wood and metal, concrete and iron make perfect combinations. However, choose the raw material you like the most and use it to the fullest.

2. Opt for the right industrial furniture


To succeed in your industrial decoration, choosing the right industrial style furniture according to the room to decorate is important. Choose industrial furniture such as metal or wood, black, charcoal gray, wood, etc. You can furnish a room with an industrial trend in the following way.

For a bedroom

The room’s decoration must be done with care to enjoy a warm and friendly room. To do this, you can choose a leather headboard to refer to the New York decor of the 30s. You can also let yourself be seduced by a bedside table in a wood pallet to emphasize the industrial spirit.

Don’t forget the old trunks for storage. Finally, add a large leather armchair to bring more comfort to your room and linen sheets in neutral colors.

For a living room

You can opt for a leather sofa accompanied by a coffee table of raw wood or metal for this room. You can also combine a large bookcase in raw wood and furniture found in a flea market. The mismatched furniture also fits very well in an industrial decoration. Think about it!

For an office

For an office, the furniture of trade is to be privileged. You can copy the style of a New York office from the 30s. The black metal desk is also ideal for industrial decor. Don’t forget an industrial-style articulated desk lamp and metal storage lockers.

For a kitchen

In the kitchen, give space to black furniture to which you will add touches of copper or metal. Don’t forget the glass cabinets, the shelves, and the raw wood china cabinets. You can also use a large old-fashioned basin as a sink and a long solid wood table with mismatched chairs for a dining area. In short, these are some practical tips to better succeed in your industrial decoration.

3. Budget


Your budget plays a crucial role in your choice. You need to keep in mind that you have a budget, and you should splurge on furniture and be mindful of this. Keep in mind that several alternative designs can help create the look you are going for without blowing your budget.

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