Fabulous Decorating Ideas for Gardens with Pools

As summer approaches, it becomes essential to prepare the pool (if you have one) to make the most of these months of sun and good weather. There are thousands of ideas to decorate a garden with a swimming pool and today we want to offer you some of them.

It doesn’t matter if your garden is small or if, on the contrary, you have a pool that allows you to swim freely, these decorating ideas can be applied to all kinds of spaces and we are sure that they can help you turn your garden into a real oasis. Enjoy!

When it comes to decorating your garden with a pool, you can find inspiration everywhere, but you will have to organize yourself in order to put these ideas into practice. The Internet is very vast, so we recommend that you look for ideas and get organized so you can put them into practice. This is the best basis for getting started, and for your garden design and decoration to be in harmony with the overall environment.

Adding Pallet Sofas

Adding pallet sofas or a few lounge chairs near the pool is a good way to create an idyllic atmosphere not only during the day, but also late into the evening. A place to sunbathe during the day and relax in the evening with a drink with friends.

Wicker or Rattan Furniture

Wicker or rattan poolside furniture is one of the classics in poolside garden design. The variety in design of wicker, rattan and cane furniture leaves plenty of room for choice.

Keep an open mind when decorating your outdoor space: include a few chairs and a side table by the pool for lounging, sunbathing or reading a good book.

Rattan furniture works well with both muted and bright colors. They also work well with lush greens, perfect for decorating your garden with a variety of plants.

Dining by the Pool

Al Fresco Dining Poolside Style - MY 100 YEAR OLD HOME

Poolside dining is an extremely practical luxury. Not only is it a treat to be able to eat outdoors with family or friends, but you can be sure that your guests won’t be bringing water into your home.

Be sure to opt for outdoor furniture that is prepared to withstand all kinds of weather, as well as a little water from time to time. What you will be able to enjoy the most is the pleasure of hosting a backyard party with your friends or family, while entertaining and feeding them.

Pool Pergola

Placing a pergola will give you more shade and privacy, and it will also delineate the pool area and the outdoor dining area.

With the installation of a pergola, you will be able to protect your garden furniture. When installing a pergola, it is necessary to maintain a very simple structure so that the breeze can access it optimally.

Don’t Neglect the Lighting

With the days getting longer and the nights getting warmer, nothing says summer like more life outside the house after the sun goes down.

Maintain a pleasant atmosphere at night by adding pool lighting. If you want something simpler, install a few solar lanterns on the ground in different sizes to set the mood. Always opt for warm lighting for a much more welcoming and sociable atmosphere.

Colorful Fruit Trees

Fruit trees, whether potted or planted in the ground, not only bring color and cheer, but also provide you with fruit to use as a snack in some of your recipes this summer.

If you want to add a fruit tree, fall is the perfect time to do so. Plant them between September and December, when they are dormant, and you’ll have fruit all summer long.

By mid-April, cherries and plums begin to be harvested, followed by peaches, loquats and apricots through May. The rest of the fruit trees are harvested during June and July. Choose the one you like best and be sure to use a good quality fertilizer and not to move the pots too much after planting.

There you are! With these tips, you can be sure to make your pool surroundings absolutely gorgeous. What are your personal decorating tips for a pool area? We would love to read from you; don’t forget to leave a comment below!

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