Volumetric Chandelier To Accentuate the Lighting of Your Dining Room

The dining room is the only room where you spend time with family and friends, enjoying your favorite dishes, etc. It is difficult to overlook every detail of this room, including the lighting. Indeed, lighting plays a significant role as the room’s atmosphere depends on the degree of brightness. To accentuate the lighting, opt for a volumetric chandelier.

What Is a Volumetric Chandelier?

A volumetric chandelier is a decorative lighting fixture that hangs from the ceiling or canopy of a room, allowing you to see the beams of light. Indeed, the cone of light emitted by the chandelier is modeled as a transparent object and considered as a volume container.

Many materials can be used for its manufacture, such as wood, wrought metal (satin or gold), glass, crystal, opaline, etc.

In Which Part of the Dining Room Should It Be Placed?

In the dining room, the best place for the volumetric chandelier is above the center of the table, for a harmonious lighting of the different elements that are there. Its size should match the size of your table. It should also not be placed too low to prevent light distribution, nor too high to detract from it.

What Are the Different Types?

Volumetric chandeliers for the dining room come in 2 types. The fixing of the chandelier to the ceiling depends on the type of ceiling and chandelier.

-The ceiling chandelier is directly attached to the ceiling surface. It saves space and is therefore suitable for standard rooms. However, it is only ideal for ceilings that can be drilled. You can choose the material (glass, metal, plastic…) and the shape of the ceiling light (round, cylinder, triangle…).

-The suspended chandelier is connected to the ceiling by a wire or cable, giving the effect of falling like drops. It is ideal for a stretched ceiling. Moreover, it contains a central point represented by a column and branches of lighting decorated with crystals, pendants, candleholders, or glass domes. The suspension chandelier is suitable for a large room because it is imposing. Its installation is easier, especially if your ceiling is equipped with hooks because there is no need to drill holes in the ceiling. You can customize its lighting by adjusting its height.

What Style Should You Adopt?

Adapt the style of your chandelier to your taste. There are 6 styles:

  • The rustic style consists of a wooden chandelier associated with metal such as brass, which is adorned with clip-on shades topping the bulbs.
  • The retro style is constituted by a chandelier with pendants composed of arms and glass cups.
  • The classic style corresponds to the chandelier with glass pendants, which is the most affordable on the market.
  • The design style includes a wide variety of models, such as the chandelier splashes of light and the chandelier-medusa
  • The loft style is characterized by the opening of lamps, lights, or accessories.
  • The Scandinavian style emphasizes respect for the environment and minimalism. Scandinavian chandeliers are made of bleached wood, glass, or stone.

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What Are Its Advantages?

  • The volumetric chandelier is a major asset for interior design. It gives an impression of elegance and grandeur. It is considered a luxury and valuable object.
  • Besides the dining room, it is the type of lighting for the living room.
  • The volumetric chandelier is a long-lasting investment, provided that it is well maintained and cleaned regularly. Indeed, it is timeless, constituting a refined decoration at any time.
  • Moreover, it is possible to make your own chandelier if you are a good handyman.

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