Great Tips to Choose Your Curtains



– Decorating curtains: what types of curtains?

– Choose your curtains: according to the style of your living space.

– Choose the curtain accessories.

The layout of your home is complete (furniture, paintings, wallpaper, paint); it only remains to make the final touch to achieve a successful decoration.

How not make a mistake?

Decorating curtains: what types of curtains?

The curtains come in several ways:

– The heavy fabrics: blackout curtains, insulating curtains, double curtains, velvet curtains, etc…

– The light fabrics: curtains, lace curtains, curtains, etc…

– Plain or patterned: simple design, graphic or large flowers, stripes, oriental pattern.

– Blinds: Japanese curtains or vertical slats.

You must take into account the materials and other accessories, namely:

– the color of the walls, the floor, the ceiling, and even the beams,

– furniture, sofa, cushions to match the curtains, paintings, etc…

Choose your curtains: according to the style of your living space.


All curtains can match your interior; it is simply to consider the environment. It is essential to consider the room’s exposure, the ceiling height, and the size of the room.

– Choose light, colorful tones for a north-facing room to bring warmth and brightness.

– If you have a high ceiling, choose curtains with horizontal stripes to enlarge the room and “break” the ceiling height.

– Small windows are not necessarily dressed with curtains and can be left bare.

– In a large living room: dare! You can afford anything. The only objective is to respect the style and atmosphere you want to affirm.

Large rooms: living room

– If you choose a modern, contemporary style, you can dress your windows with Japanese curtains or panels with vertical slats.

– Opulent curtains reaching the ground will be preferred for more classic windows.

– A Moroccan curtain will decorate a room with an oriental atmosphere.

You can also combine curtains with your curtains.

The room: adult and child


Intimate space where we like to be sheltered from outside eyes.

– You can choose blackout curtains or double curtains, insulating curtains to protect you from the cold.

– The curtains are trendy decor: curtain wire, curtain pearl.

– The curtain child in shimmering colors will bring a note of cheerfulness to the room.

– Beautiful curtains can also decorate your windows (cotton, natural fibers, organza, lace).

Water rooms: kitchen, bathroom

For the kitchen, you should opt for curtains kitchen resistant to grease projections.

– The blinds are easily machine washable and can play with the light.

– It is the same for the curtains “good woman” or curtains that will suit a more classic environment.

You can also dress the bathroom with roller blinds that play a blackout role.

The shower, meanwhile, will be equipped with a waterproof shower curtain.

Choose the curtain accessories.

The curtain accessories have a prominent place in your decoration:

– A curtain valance will marry very well with an oriental style.

– The rods, not to be overlooked, will give character to your windows.

For a more classic side, the tiebacks will bring a final touch to the dressing of your curtain.

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