How to Choose Your Shower Curtain

Shower Curtain


 The shower curtain protects the bathroom from splashing water and preserves your privacy when you shower. But it is also an integral part of the decoration. Therefore, it would help if you chose it by taking into account several criteria, such as its waterproof, its aesthetic, or ease of maintenance. 

 Dimensions and styles of the shower curtain

 Easy to install and change at will, unlike the shower screen or shower screen, for example, but also much cheaper, the shower curtain comes in a wide range of materials, colors, and patterns to match all styles. To make it a decorative accessory in its own right, choose it following the design of the bathroom, even if all fantasies are allowed.

 The shower curtain comes in standard sizes: 180 × 180 cm, 180 × 200 cm, or 120 × 200 cm, but also custom-made, although its price climbs then.

 Good to know: the shower curtain must be positioned inside the tray without touching the bottom so that it dries between each shower and it does not mold.

 What material for a shower curtain?

Shower Curtain

 On each will depend the qualities of the shower curtain, its aesthetics, ease of maintenance, and price.

 The plastic

 Inexpensive to purchase, the PVC shower curtain (polyvinyl chloride) is also perfectly waterproof and tight. Easy to maintain with a simple sponge or a passage in the washing machine at 40 ° C, it is available in all colors.

 It has, however, the unfortunate tendency to stick to wet skin and may present mold in its lower part.

 The shower curtain in PEVA (polyethylene vinyl acetate) offers the same advantages and disadvantages but is 100% recyclable.

 Tip: after you shower, pull your curtain so that it can dry properly.

 The fabric

 – Generally made of cotton, this type of shower curtain is mainly aesthetic but is not waterproof. It is machine washable at 60 ° C. Tip: soak your cotton shower curtain in very salty water before use to avoid the appearance of blackish stains.

 – Nylon is more waterproof but much less elegant.

 – Polyester retains its appearance over time but must be treated against mildew. There are anti-mildew sprays sold in drugstores or DIY stores for about $10.

 Another possibility is a hemp shower curtain, naturally antibacterial and antifungal (no risk of mold) but not waterproof.

 Tip: it is possible to double its inner side with another shower curtain in transparent plastic to make your shower curtain fabric waterproof.

 Accessories for the shower curtain

 These accessories are chosen according to the type of curtain of your shower and again your decorating desires.

 The bar

 The bar exists in a straight version (positioned between two parallel walls) or in angle, semi-circular or circular. You can fix it either to the wall or directly to the ceiling.

 The shower bar is fixed at a single point on the wall, while the curtain is supported by its many rods, which unfold like a fan.

 Extendable or not, the shower rod is most often self-locking, thanks to a system of springs or suction cups. But for heavy curtains, it is better to choose a screw-in model capable of supporting their weight.

 Tip: the bar is usually fixed at the height of about 1.90 m above the shower tray. If it is placed too high, the curtain will be challenging to handle; too low will let the water pass over.

 The wire

 More discreet than the shower rod, the wire can make it more challenging to open and close the shower curtain.


Shower Curtain

 Available in many shapes and colors, shower curtain rings should be aesthetically pleasing and easy to remove when you want to wash or change the curtain. They must also be strong enough to support their weight when they are wet.

 Note: some shower curtains attach without a ring to the rod for a sleeker design, but they don’t always slide easily.

 The pockets

 Some curtain models are equipped with pockets on the shower side, practical for storing various accessories: shower gel or shampoo.

 Good to know: Color, material, patterns … you need a little help to choose your new shower curtain? To help you, we have selected 5 models of curtains below. All you have to do is find the one that will match the style of your bathroom while being practical.

 Shower curtain: prices and points of sale

 You will find shower curtains in supermarkets, DIY stores, fabric stores, as well as specialty stores, and the Internet.

 The price of a shower curtain depends on its size, material, etc. Count on 5 models of curtains:

 1) $3 to over $40 for a plastic shower curtain;

 2) from $40 to over $60 for a cotton shower curtain;

 3) from $10 to over $50 for a nylon curtain;

 4) $25 to over $50 for a polyester curtain;

 5) $50 to over $100 for a hemp curtain.

 And for accessories:

 – $20 for a straight rod to over $50 for a circular rod and up to $60 for a fan pattern;

 – from $20 to $25 for a shower cord;

 – from $2,50 to more than $7 for a set of 12 shower rings.

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