Walk-In Closet: What You Need To Know.

Walk-in closet.
Walk-in closet.

Walk-in closets used to previously be something you would only typically find in the homes of the rich and famous, but nowadays, they can be found in almost any household.

People with a spare room in their homes are using the space wisely by converting it into useful storage space

Walk-in closet sizes differ; for instance, someone like Kim Kardashian might have a closet as big as a master bedroom (if not more extensive), while the average person might have one that’s only the size of a cubicle. Since every walk-in closet is different, you do not have to follow a set of rules for yours. Nonetheless, if you want some guidance, I have some excellent tips to share.

Advantages Of Having A Walk-In Closet.

You will have more space to store your clothes.
Everything can be stored in one place (shoes, jewelry, make-up, clothes).
Less clutter in your bedroom.
It adds value to your home.

What You Need To Know

Let’s help you create a walk-in closet that is practical and elegant.

1. Choose Your Closet Storage

brown wooden table with chairs
Walk-in closet.

To start, you will have to choose a storage layout. Use your space to its fullest capabilities because you have selected a walk-in closet for the extra space it gives you, so you do not want to waste any space.

I suggest you install floor-to-ceiling shelving. You will be able to put your shoes at the bottom and bags or boxes on top. I tried to maximize the hanging rods in my own closet for as many hangers as possible. Add a fabric basket here and there, it will add to the décor and provide supplementary storage.

You should consider adding a hook for your outfit of the day. You can plan your outfit the night before, iron it and hang it up. This will help you save time in the morning.

2. Choose Your Look

There is the various look that you can go for. A luxurious look, edgy or eccentric, you choose. You can choose to match your closet’s look to the rest of your house as well.

I prefer to go for a high-end look, with wood around and bright white lighting that gives it a good finish. But of course, you can play with the colors; it depends on your taste, keep in mind that this will be your little space, so customizes it to your liking.

For a luxurious look, you can even add a chandelier for an extra touch of extravagance.

3. Large Space = Closet Island.

If you have a large space, you might think about incorporating an island into your closet, and it will add even more storage space.

The island can have drawers for your jewelry and make-up, and you can fold your clothes on it or even iron them on top.

4. A Make-up Table.

If you are a girl, or even a guy (you do you), a make-up table is a must in a walk-in closet. Everyone dream of an organized make-up collection, a place with your hair accessories, everything in a single place.

Makeup mirrors look great in any room. Despite the fact that for many, they are associated with a retro-chic vibe, they can be used in classic interiors.

5. Mirrors on the wall

Vanity/beauty space life goals. This is my dream, I just d… | Flickr
Vanity Table.

We all want a great mirror to use. Mirrors let us to double-check our attire, hair, and cosmetics before leaving the house. They can, however, be used as a design element. Nothing matches the glitter and glamour of a well-placed mirror for more than just utilitarian reasons. They also reflect light, making spaces look more spacious and bright.

A walk-in closet is very helpful to keep everything organized and tidy. I hope that this article helped you to put together you thoughts about this feature. Let us know in the comments what you think about having a walk-in closet…

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