Decorating Project: Opt For Feng Shui

feng shui

Do you want a 100% positive interior? This is possible by using feng shui decoration, which literally means wind and water. Indeed, it is inspired by the thousand-year-old Chinese art of living and is assimilated to the acupuncture of the habitat. It aims to establish harmonious relationships, maintain good health and attract prosperity to the home. But in concrete terms, what are the principles of feng shui decoration?

An airy interior

feng shui

Air is an essential element to promote the circulation of good energy. For this, it is necessary to air all the rooms regularly. There are cases where airing is not possible, especially when the house is equipped with many partitions or the openings are insufficient. To solve these problems, consider removing or changing the orientation of partitions; or renovating to create new types of openings, such as a window or a balcony. In addition, you can diffuse essential oils of your choice, which have therapeutic benefits.

Increased luminosity

Light also promotes the circulation of positive energy. During the day, allow natural light to enter freely through entrances and openings. At night, consider installing full-spectrum lighting in living areas. In addition, choose soft, subdued lighting in bedrooms, but at the intensity you want. Also, to add a touch of elegance, use candles.

For more energy and brightness, install mirrors in strategic locations, in other words, in a side that allows them to reflect something beautiful. In a bedroom, avoid hanging them facing the bed because, according to feng shui belief, when the mirror reflects the bed, it leads to insomnia, illness or adultery.

Appropriate colours

Each colour has a meaning in feng shui and refers to yin or yang. On the one hand, yin reflects darkness and femininity and is related to the search for well-being, concentration and meditation. To join these ideas, it is necessary to use cold colours like purple, blue, green, brown, black, etc. These colours are suitable for offices, libraries, bathrooms.

On the other hand, yang represents clarity and masculinity and is linked to action, movement, conviviality, communication and vital dynamism. We must put forward warm colours like pink, red, yellow, and orange to stimulate them. These colours are suitable for all rooms, but the living room and the kitchen should be favoured.

A good layout

feng shui

The arrangement of furniture depends on each room:

Opt for armchairs and sofas with rounded shapes for the living room and place them around a central point, such as a coffee table or a fireplace. Avoid turning your back on the door and letting the corners of the walls show, but hide them with a piece of furniture or a plant.

For the kitchen, move your cooking appliances (hotplates, oven) away from the sink to avoid confrontation between fire and water, put away sharp objects and position your work surface so that your back is not to the door.

Move the bed as far away from a door or window as possible and put its head against the wall for bedrooms.

Establishing order

The more order is established the more energy flows. To this end, de-clutter all rooms, reduce your furniture to the bare minimum, store your shoes in a cabinet, organize your closets, avoid leaving unnecessary things lying around, clear the work surfaces in your kitchen and hang up as many utensils as possible.

The use of visuals

Visuals have the power to express and invite the desired energy. For example, family photos appeal to family happiness, and nature or the forest images bring the desired lushness.

Installing green plants

feng shui

Green plants provide life force and clean the air. They transform negative energy into positive.

The arrangement of feng shui objects

Crystals (citrine, pyrite, quartz) are good examples of feng shui objects. They provide the essence of richness from the depths of the earth.

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