The Bohemian Trend To Decorate The Patio


Casual, seductive, a little out of the ordinary, the bohemian style invites itself into the interior decoration.

The bohemian style

The bohemian designates a group of people exercising several craft activities.


These people are independent of social rules or opposed to cultures. Speaking of style, bohemian is about relaxed fashion, casual clothing, a little extravagant, and reflecting a nomadic spirit. It includes artistic accessories and originals that solicit artisans’ personal touch and creativity.

In addition, it consists in marrying the traditional style with the current trend. For this, it uses elements of fantasy, decorative accessories, fabrics, and natural elements such as plant fibers.

The patio and its use

Want to create a green setting in the heart of your home, the development of a patio is a good idea. It’s about creating a space in the open air next to the garden or in the open air inside the house for multiple uses. The bohemian style has crossed the door of our home.

It is very comfortable, and it is a perfect place to welcome guests and have meals together. Therefore, designing a patio is an opportunity to show your creativity and passion for nature and decoration. That’s why the bohemian style is very suitable for this location. These bohemian decorating ideas will dazzle you.



Install furniture like the armchair and a wood table in the center of your patio. Dress up this chair with a mattress-like seat and an accumulation of cushions. Use graphic cushions inspired by ethnic cultures to add style to your decor. Also, opt for the color white to bring softness, as it combines beautifully with the wood contrast.

Similarly, the bohemian style values handmade confections to highlight art and nature. For this, you can add, in your patio, either a rattan chair, a suspended armchair in bamboo, the poufs in raffia or other plant fibers, or a chair caning. This equipment is meticulously crafted and is very resistant and comfortable.

In addition, their gray or light white colors are bright and blend ideally with the green colors of the garden. Among other things, to decorate your garden, you can dress plant pots with vegetable fibers. The shades of fiber and green are voluptuous.

Low seats and floor covering

The low seats are part of the bohemian style. For this, do not install too much furniture. Instead, go for low seats and wool poufs. On the other hand, wide seats can replace a sofa or a bed. They are, among other things, comfortable and soft to the touch. Choose a white or gray velvet carpet or opt for a Berber carpet on the floor.

The latter gives a warm atmosphere and can be a floor covering. In addition, it is best to install a natural fiber carpet such as a sea rush in the summer. These artistic elements enhance your patio.

Brightness and wall ornaments


Bohemian enthusiasts are very creative. For this, have your wall decorated with wicker trays. Similarly, handcrafted weaving reflects a bit of a wild and original side. The wall basket, fiber trophies, and feather hat juju are also very attractive. In addition, woolen craftsmanship is in the spotlight in the bohemian style.

To do this, install a macramé plant hanging, a macramé wall design, or why not curtains of the same material. This hook is very attractive. Always bet on white, gray, light brown, or old pink for the color. They reflect the radiant light of the sun and bring more freshness to your patio. Besides, the installation of the pergola is essential.

It protects you from the sunlight and refreshes the air. Besides, to bring a bohemian atmosphere to your patio, don’t forget to place a beaded lampshade, lantern, garlands, and fiber suspension. The light halos will harmonize with your overall decor.

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