Which part of the walls should be painted darker?


The choice of paint and the color of the walls contribute greatly to the realization of a successful interior and/or exterior decoration. Moreover, painting a part of the walls of a room or the facade in a darker color is one of the current trends in decoration.

This is why choosing the right color(s) is usually done according to a number of criteria. These include the size and shape of the room, its function, and the architectural form of the house.

The headboard wall


Choosing a dark color for the headboard wall is an excellent solution for enhancing a room, especially since there is a wide range of paints and colors to choose from. In addition, slate paint in green, petroleum blue, black, or garnet can be the perfect paint for a headboard as well as a custom room.

The wall perpendicular to the opening wall

These days, painting the wall that is perpendicular (on the right or left side) to the wall on which the openings are located (windows, bay windows, etc.) is recommended to highlight the living room or the living room and to boost the decoration.

Visible under stairs and recesses

Usually left aside, the understairs and the recesses can be arranged and repainted to optimize an interior decoration. To do this, darker colors or darker than the rest of the walls are most appropriate.

The window wall for a low ceiling room


When the ceiling is not at a very advantageous height, the wall on which the window(s) is (are) installed is the most suitable to review a darker paint color. In other words, a dark wall on the side of the window(s) will visually enhance the ceiling.

Baseboards for a child’s room

Although light colors are the most popular for a child’s room, painting the baseboards with a dark color will help hide the stains that the child may leave on the walls with his writings, drawings, or scribbles. Children also tend to press or put their feet on the walls, especially when they are young. That’s why brown and dark gray colors are perfect for the base in a child’s room.

The back wall for the hallway

Dressing the back wall with a darker color paint can be enough to give a hallway a modern, classy and sophisticated look as well as to reduce its depth. On the other hand, it is necessary to put in place light devices that are not very cumbersome, such as a string of lights, small spotlights lined up along the corridor, or wall lights installed in the corners.

Exterior walls: the fa├žade


Painting the facade in a darker color not only gives style to a house but also optimizes the exterior decoration. This technique allows you to stand out and make a good first impression on guests or even passers-by. In addition, it can suit most existing architectural styles such as cubic, traditional, low-rise, multi-story houses, etc.).

Good to know

  • To have a personalized decoration, painting a part of the walls with a darker color can be an excellent alternative to wallpaper.
  • A dark wall is easier to decorate; a picture or a wall clock can be sufficient.

Dress for the job


Painting is a messy job, so line your floor with old paper and dress with clothes that you won’t mind getting rid of. Wear an old pair of tennis shoes, a long sleeve tee, pants, a cap, and some goggles. Painting is a mess, and at the end of the day, the paint will fall, and this is a granted.

So, by preparing for the job, you are making sure that you aren’t messing up your home by lining your floor with old newspaper, and by wearing old clothes, you are ensuring that you aren’t ruining your best fit.

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