Home decoration: 6 expert Tips


Decorating your home can be a headache if you don’t know what you are doing. However, a home makeover, in our books, should not be expensive or difficult. A home makeover can be however hard or easy as you want it to be; the first thing you must do when it comes to this is not be stressed to overwhelmed.

Do you have an interior design or redesign project in mind? But you don’t know what to do? This is where we scoop in. We make home decoration much more easier to digest, and we explain how one can decorate their home on a budget. Here are a few tips to help you.

Cleaning the whole house


This involves cleaning every room in the house to ensure a clean and healthy space. Depending on the amount of dirt and the size of each room, cleaning can be done in two ways: automated or manual. So use equipment such as:

  • Mop, wet broom, brush, sponge, steel wool for manual cleaning;
  • The mop or auto scrubber, the steam cleaner, the brushes are in series for the automated cleaning.

Also, use detergent or cleaning products that match your wall and floor.

Wall repainting and floor renovation

After removing all the dirt, repaint the walls or apply self-adhesive wallpaper.

If you choose to repaint, use white paint to create a bright atmosphere in each room. It’s a versatile and timeless paint while bringing a touch of harmony to any room.

Adhesive wallpapers also offer an undeniable aesthetic. They come in many textures and patterns to suit all tastes.

For the bedroom, choose neutral colors such as gray, white, or beige that give a feeling of clarity. If you want to paint your room with bright color, apply it only to the headboard for a sense of serenity.

On the other hand, first sand the damaged areas and strip the waxed areas when renovating the floor. This allows the new layer of varnish or wax to adhere well. In case of squeaking, strengthen the fasteners of the wooden boards or apply talcum powder in every gap.

Installing the right furniture

For a good comfort in the house, you can:

Install an ornate rug

The living room is the centerpiece of every home. It is, therefore, necessary to focus on the decorative aspect. The carpet is one of the elements not to be neglected, not only for decoration but also to isolate the floor against noise and to bring softness under your feet.

Install the sofa before the other furniture

Place the sofa in a corner or against a wall to save more space. But if you have a large room, you can put it in the center or in front of the fireplace.

Choose furniture that fits the size of your living room.

feng shui

It’s up to you to decide on the components of your living room, but avoid cluttering it with large furniture. So, for a friendly look, choose the following furniture:

  • The TV cabinet to place your TV, decoder, player, and console
  • The coffee table adapted to the size of the sofa
  • The storage units, such as the bookcase or the sideboard, depending on the remaining space

In addition, do not forget to take care of the visual comfort by:

  • Freeing up space to let natural light into each room during the day
  • Installing lighting such as LEDs to create a cozy and soft atmosphere during the evening
  • Installing indoor plants to ensure air purification in each room.

Dress for the job when it comes to renovation and decorating your place because you are bone to get dirty and this is why you are advised to wear old clothes that are lying around. Sound off in the comments section below and tell us if you want more tips about home decoration.

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