Designing Your Bedroom According To Feng Shui

feng shui bedroom

It feels like an eternity since you last read a book in bed, and the length of your sleep is getting shorter and shorter, yet you spend so much time in your bedroom. A third of your life is still a long time, so you need to make sure that you live in a harmonious, comfortable, restful, and stimulating place to encourage romance.

While traditional feng shui techniques use the flow of energy to find the proper position for things in a given environment, modern practices focus on breaking bad habits that interfere with our existence, finding balance, and becoming aware of our surroundings. The principles of feng shui for bedroom facilities that we’ll share with you will have a significant impact on the quality of your sleep and your life in general!

Choose Neutral and Warm Color Combinations

Bedrooms need to be restful and tranquil, but they also need to be subtly sexy. Therefore, the best colors for walls are creamy white for neutral tones, chocolate brown for lighter tones, and peachy pink.

Darker shades such as red, green, purple, and orange are more suitable for keeping the room in a harmonious mood, for example, in decorative cushions, lamps, paintings, or pieces of furniture.

Decorating the Bedroom With Paired Elements

A single painting above the bed can create a feeling of emptiness or danger. Feng Shui states that the rule for bedroom decoration is to place all decorations such as pictures, bedside tables, lamps, and pillows in pairs to create a harmonious atmosphere in the room.

Avoid Keeping Unnecessary Things in the Bedroom

Piles of unnecessary things, a wardrobe full of clothes you no longer wear, shoes thrown under the bed, unread books piled up under the pillow – these all affect your ability to concentrate and process information.

Neuroscientists at Princeton University have found that due to the low processing capacity of the human visual cortex, a chaotic environment distracts attention and reduces performance.

Position of the Bed in the Room

According to the rules of Feng Shui, the bed should be placed in a position where you can see who is coming into the room.

To avoid placing the bed directly in front of the door (“feet forward” or “blind spot”), carefully analyze the space to see if you can place the bed at an angle to the door, rather than under a fluorescent light or near a window. This can be a danger later on, and fluorescent lights have a “subordinate” effect on the subconscious mind. If you place your bed against the same wall as the door, try to set a bedside table or furniture in between.

Remove All Electronic Devices From the Bedroom

There’s no room for TVs, computers, and stereos in a studio meant for sleep and relaxation; a study published in 2017 by researchers at Pennsylvania State University warns of the poor sleep quality caused by watching TV before bed.

Furthermore, the absence of these electronic devices in the bedroom is beneficial for your relationship, as news and scandal shows can interfere with your personal time.

Choosing the Right Light

In the bedroom, you may be tempted to choose dim lighting. However, this dim light can rob you of your energy and even cause depression. If you have a strong, warm light source enough to illuminate the entire room, you will wake up faster in the morning.

Map of a Feng Shui Bedroom | LoveToKnow

What a Bed Should Look Like According to Feng Shui

When arranging a bedroom according to the principles of Feng Shui, the bed is essential. The edges of the headboard should be rounded, and beds with metal bars should be avoided because they “cut” energy.

A comfortable bed that allows you to rest during the night should be covered with a blanket during the day to protect it from dust and dirt, and a 2011 study by the National Sleep Foundation organization in the U.S. showed that people who make their beds in the morning sleep better at night. Why? Because when you make your bed every night, it becomes a ritual and a connection between your brain and your sleep, making it easier to fall asleep.

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