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Decorating the interior of a house can not always be an easy task. Many details are to be taken into account. Questions like: “What furniture to choose? Which fabric for which linen? How to make a success of the decoration?…” are often asked.

You should know that you can rely on one or more of the most important elements or bases that constitute your interior design to achieve the style of decoration you want. These elements can include different types of flooring such as tiles, parquet, and resin, or wall coverings such as wallpaper, decorative adhesives, paint, etc.

This article will focus on the floor covering, especially the bleached parquet, to have a successful decoration in the Nordic spirit.

The Bleached Parquet: The Basis

A Nordic-style decoration is generally characterized by the design of furniture, the material of manufacture, the arrangement, and enhancement of lights, the choice of colors, etc. In addition, bleached parquet is a timeless classic in terms of flooring to achieve a successful Scandinavian decoration.

On the one hand, the vast expanse of forests in the Nordic countries has made wood the most popular manufacturing and construction material. On the other hand, white is the color that best embodies the Nordic decorating style.

Indeed, white optimizes the brightness inside the house, giving it charm, softness, and warmth. As we mentioned above, a Scandinavian decoration can be recognized by the enhancement of light, especially since it is a color that can go with almost any decorative style that exists.

In short, all these reasons make bleached parquet the basis for successful interior decoration with a Nordic spirit.

The Different Types of Bleached Floors

As types of prefabricated parquet floors, you have laminate floors and solid floors. The finish can be done either with matte varnish or with oil. There is also the aged bleached parquet model.

In addition, oak wood is the most common species used to make bleached parquet. However, if you have a limited budget, you can opt for pine. Otherwise, bleaching your floor yourself can be the least expensive solution. There are many options for doing this. For example, you can cover your floor with white paint, with a white tinted background, or by using a white lacquer.

Illustration of a Scandinavian Decoration With a White Floor

You can choose yellow for the chairs, sofa, and dining table’s surface in an open dining room and living room. Opt for natural wood for the legs to keep the Nordic style of the room. A floor lamp on a thin black base can be placed between an armchair and the sofa. The television cabinet imitating natural wood can be hung in front of the sofa.

The dressing room can be a closet style with sliding doors in white. The windows can be glazed, and the borders in copper-colored metal. The bedside table and the bed can be made of solid wood in the bedroom, and the blankets are forest green.

As for the linens, they can be the same color and style for all rooms. In other words, sheers and large blackout curtains in light gray highlight the Nordic style of the rooms, not to mention that the floor covering in bleached parquet.

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