Living Room Tables: Criteria for Choosing the Best One


Can you imagine life without a table in your living room? Think about inviting friends over and treating them to a gourmet menu that you’ve spent hours preparing but you don’t have any table to serve them properly. Even caramelized duck breast would lose its flavor when eaten between the refrigerator and the cupboard!

Living without a table in the living room is weird, to say the least. So, if you are looking for a table or already have one and are thinking of replacing it, we can help you make the right choice!

Choosing a Living Room Table Based on the Size of the Room

Before shopping, you need to measure where you plan to put the table and ensure everyone can sit and walk around.

Tip: Make sure there is at least 60cm or even 1m of space between the table and the wall so that you can take a few steps if necessary.

How Wide Should the Table Be?

It should not be too wide so that guests do not feel uncomfortable when talking to each other or serving food from the other side of the table.

Tip: The best width for a living room table is 90-120 cm. Consider the minimum space needed for people to eat.

Tip: When placing chairs, leave at least 60 cm of space for each guest to move around freely.

Choosing a Living Room Table That Fits Your Lifestyle

A living room table needs to have enough space for installation and seating for two people in addition to the expected number of guests. For example, if four people often eat in the living room, you need to buy a table that seats six people.

Tip: If you rarely eat or celebrate anniversaries, it will be easy to keep your fir or pine table looking new with its unique finish and sophisticated design. However, if you plan to use your living room table frequently and not always for dining, you may want to choose a simpler model with an MDF or metal top.

Choosing a Living Room Table According to the Room’s Decor

Depending on your living room decor, you can also choose the right table. For instance, you might want a dining table as white as possible, but it will not look good in an industrial-style room with many gray or copper colors.

Tip: A white dining table is more suitable for a Scandinavian or minimalist style living room.

Tip: For an industrial living room, you may want to purchase a dining table with untreated hazelnut wood planks and metal legs or a metal table designed to look like a historical sewing machine.

Tip: A dining table with a tempered glass top for a modern interior or a hardwood dining table with shaped legs is ideal for a classic, formal interior.

Dining Room, Living Room, Furniture, House, Home, Table
Dining Room, Living Room, Furniture, House, Home, Table

Choosing a Table According To The Available Space

The first rule of a professional interior designer is always to choose a dining table in proportion with the room. A small table in a large room will not make you feel comfortable and create an unpleasant dining atmosphere with friends. On the other hand, cramming a large table into a small space will also create a bad atmosphere.

Tip: If you have a large room dedicated to dining, you can easily buy a table with 12 chairs.

Tip: If you have an open space and want to separate the kitchen from the relaxation area with a dining table, a rectangular one will work better than an oval or round one. Don’t forget to cover the dining area with a large rug to place the table and chairs.

Tip: For smaller rooms where you want to define a comfortable dining area, use a folding table that can be square or round.

Let us know if these few tips have helped you choose the right table for your living room in the comments below!

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