How To Choose Your Decorative Paintings?

decorative paintings

Decorating is one of the best options you can use to renovate your home. Indeed, it changes the interior of your house and gives it more beauty. Generally, to effectively decorate a house, it is recommended to put decorative pictures. This tip seems more practical and effective. But, how to choose the paintings to install on its walls?

Choosing Your Decorative Pictures According to Your Interior Design Style

The choice of a decorative painting may seem simple. But, if you don’t use the proper criteria, you risk choosing the wrong one. To do this, well before taking a decoration board, always try to refer to your interior decoration. Depending on the style of decoration you have installed in your house, you can choose a painting that conforms to it. For example, if your interior decoration is based on simple furniture, you can select pictures with geometric or monochrome prints.

This type of style is ideally suited to your decor. Similarly, you should put botanical paintings for a classic interior design with wood or leather furniture. For example, these paintings can highlight flowers or plants. By referring to your decorating style each time, you will have more chances to choose artworks that match your style well.

Choose Your Decorative Paintings According to Their Size

When you pick up a decorative painting, it is essential to consider factors like the size of the painting. This is because artworks are made in different sizes and can only be placed on specific surfaces. In terms of size, you can have A1, A2 or A3-sized paintings. So, when the walls of your house are free, you can take A1-type paintings (minimum 50cm×50cm).

When some art objects already occupy the walls, you can put A2 size pictures (minimum 40cm× 50cm). But, in the case of occupied wall surfaces, you will need small size decoration pictures. Opt for A3 size artworks (minimum 20 cm× 40cm) in this case. By choosing the correct dimensions, your decorative painting will easily fit on your walls and sublimate the interior of your dealership. In these circumstances, you will be able to rejoice to have made a good choice.

Choose Your Decorative Paintings According to Their Frame

Except for the size, the criterion “frame of the paintings” also remains a significant factor not to neglect. Indeed, when your decorative painting is equipped with a nice frame, it has more chance to embellish your walls effectively. That’s why before making your choice, you should pay attention to the type of frame covering the picture. So, like a picture frame, you can have wooden, aluminum, or decorative style frames. For your photographs to last over time, it is often recommended to take pictures with wooden frames.

This type of material is resistant and adapts to any decoration style. Thus, it can amply renovate your walls. But, if the wood option does not suit you, you can always turn to pictures made with aluminum or decorative frames. These types of frames are more current and better modernize your interior decoration. On the other hand, you should know that depending on the frame you choose, the picture price will be high. So, consider coordinating the price and the frame type to find the perfect picture.

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