6 Ideas To Integrate Pallets In Your Interior Design


Initially intended for transporting goods, wooden pallets are becoming more and more recommended in the world of interior design. With these materials, it is possible to completely transform your rooms without having to spend an exorbitant amount of money. Be creative, let your imagination run wild, and give your interior decor a touch of authenticity. Here are 6 ingenious ideas to recycle wooden pallets into beautiful decorative objects.

1. Simple but original storage

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If you don’t feel like having too much fun with the transformation of pallets, leave them in their raw state. Hanging on a kitchen wall, they can be used as shelves for your spices and condiments. They can be used as storage for your beauty products in the bathroom. Wooden pallets can also be placed at the entrance to store your keys or other small objects used in everyday life.

2. A rustic style bench seat

A cocooning atmosphere for your interior space or even for your terrace? Opt for wooden pallets to get a breathtaking result. Equip yourself with at least 12 pallets, a belt sander, a drill and screwdriver, a flat brush, white wood paint, and several wood screws. After sanding your pallets, paint them white. Then let them dry completely.

Layout 2 rows of 4 pallets each on the floor. Match them with the wood screws with a drill and screwdriver. Finally, make the back of your bench with the remaining 4 wooden pallets. You can decorate the furniture with ready-made cushions or use your creative talent by designing them yourself.

3. A towel rack


An authentic decor for your bathroom? Consider making a towel rack. This one is easy to make. Depending on your taste, you can choose a rod, a broom handle, wooden rings, or pegs to hold towels or rags. Since you don’t need to use the whole pallet, cut it with a jigsaw to remove the part you want to keep. Use a hole saw to make the holes for this purpose. To remove excess boards from the pallet, use a crowbar and a hammer. To top it off, sand your towel rack and apply a protective varnish. You can now attach it to the wall.

4. Pretty picture frames

Have you always been told that glass, PVC, or aluminum frames are the best for decorating your walls? Well, think again! Wooden pallets can be perfectly used as frames to place your most beautiful photos. It’s an interesting and unusual way to give your home a makeover. To make it, you will need :

    • Two boards for the frame
    • A hand saw to cut the boards
    • A sander or sandpaper to smooth the wood
    • Jute rope, wire, ribbon, or string to make the hanger for the pallet
    • A stapler to hold the hanger to the back of the pallet
    • A bulldog clip to hang the picture
    • Small screws
    • A chalk paint, handmade or the one of your choice for the finish.

5. A cup holder

There is no shortage of ideas for recycling wooden pallets. Consider making a cup holder save space in your kitchen and brilliantly store your cups and mugs. A weekend is more than enough time to complete this DIY project.

6. A desk


Recycling has no limits. Anything can be made from wooden pallets. Got a home office renovation project going on? Don’t bother buying a new one that can cost you a fortune. Tap into your DIY skills and make your desk. You’ll add charm and authenticity to your home.

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