Water Mirror: Technique and Cost

Enhancing outdoor decoration can sometimes be a rather complicated project to accomplish. It is necessary to ensure that the spaces are well laid out and that the different types of flowers, garden furniture, shrubs, etc., are well arranged. On the other hand, the size of the work and the complexity of the tasks depend mainly on the design to be carried out. In this article, we will talk specifically about the water mirror.

What Is a Water Mirror?

Water mirrors are among the most visited places in some countries. For example, the water mirror of Bordeaux in France, the water mirror of Âgrâ in India, or the water mirror of Washington in the United States.

Apart from its role as a tourist attraction, the water mirror is a type of shallow pond (or not at all) that can be installed or built even at home, in the garden, in a green area or even on the terrace. This is to optimize the decoration and visually enlarge the spaces.

According to Wikipedia, “a water mirror is a shallow piece of water with a very gentle slope used to reflect the landscape around it”.

How To Install or Build a Water Mirror?

Nowadays, there are different ways to install a water mirror at home. The choice of technique usually depends on various criteria such as preference, needs, spaces to be arranged, etc.

Using a Water Bench

A water bench is one of the easiest ways to install a water mirror at home, especially since it is not difficult to obtain. Moreover, a wide choice of materials, colors, shapes, and sizes are available in stores specializing in outdoor decoration and landscaping.

A water bench can be installed anywhere in your outdoor area, whether on the terrace, balcony, or garden.

Since the water bench is usually made to be highly waterproof, installing your water mirror can be a relatively easy project. Indeed, it is not necessary to dig a pit.

Opt for a Mirror Pool

The construction of a mirror pool is both a stylish outdoor decoration and a space for relaxation, recreation, and festivities (with family, friends, etc.). Unlike a mirror pool, the choice of depth of a mirror pool is up to the owner.

However, the water in the pool must overflow on all four sides to achieve the mirror effect. In addition, install channels around the pool to collect the overflowing water and bring it back to the buffer tank.

Since the water in a mirror pool is constantly draining, dirt is also continuously being removed.

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Building a Mirror Pool

A mirror pond can accommodate fish and/or aquatic plants like any pond. In addition, the walls of a mirror pond must be straight to maximize the mirror effect. The bottom should be covered with gravel or sand, and a water filtration system should be installed to ensure transparency. Choose a dark-colored liner, mainly black, to accentuate the mirror effect of your pond.

What Is the Budget To Have a Water Mirror at Home?

The cost of building or installing a water mirror depends on several criteria. We can mention, among others, the type of water mirror desired (a mirror pool, a mirror basin, or a classic water mirror), the model as well as its size, the size of the work to be done on the space to be fitted.


Furthermore, we advise you to plan a budget of at least 25.000 euros if you want to build a mirror pool.

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