The Lampshade in a Few Words


Living Room Lampshade

A light fixture is generally composed of the lamp base and the lampshade. The latter is a reflector adapted to a lamp. As its name indicates, it has the essential function of bringing down the light and helps regulate the light and colors it. A lampshade consists of a metal frame. This frame is fixed on the lamp’s socket with the help of a ring. A lampshade can be conical, oval, cylindrical, scalloped dome, drum, diane, square, etc.

The Choice of Lampshade

The lampshade is not to be chosen anyhow; there are some criteria that we must respect. It would be best if you started by choosing its dimensions. Its height must be proportional to that of the lamp base. The base must be visible, and the shade must hide the socket. It is also necessary to match its color and material with its immediate environment: the color of the curtains, the walls, the style of the lamp base, etc. It is necessary to know how to define its needs to find the lampshade in advance. The brightness must be managed according to the type of light you want. For instance, a reading lampshade must have sufficient light intensity. It is also necessary to know how to choose the type of bulb. In other words, you need a power bulb according to the use that you will make of the lamp.

Where to Find Lampshades?

You can find lampshades and other decorative elements in your decoration store. You will have the choice at a fair price. Don’t forget to choose the lampshade according to your taste and in harmony with what already exists or what you will furnish to have a unique, authentic, and original decoration.

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