Roofing Paint: How to Paint Clay Tiles?


For many people, painting a tile roof is out of the question. However, this action offers many advantages. It is, for example, the aesthetics and the improvement of the waterproofing. Find in this article some guidelines to paint your clay tiles.

Where to buy clay tile paint?


Clay tile paint is available in home improvement stores (physical and online). To buy it, you need to budget between 15 and 30 dollars per liter of paint. If you decide to do the application yourself, it costs between 5 and 20 dollars per m². If you decide to hire a specialist, the price will be slightly higher. Taking into account the supplies and installation, expect to pay between 25 and 50 dollars per m². However, depending on certain elements, the rate can be completely revised. These are:

    • The height of the roof
    • The surface of the roof
    • The type of paint chosen.

Which paint to choose for your clay tiles?

There are 3 types of paint applicable to clay tiles.

    • Colorless varnish: its particularity is to preserve the color of your tiles while reinforcing its hydrophobic power.
    • Acrylic paint: this is the most popular type of paint because it offers many advantages. It offers protection to the tiles against external conditions and water infiltration. Moreover, it is very affordable.
    • Special Tile Paint: This is a specially designed paint applied to tiles. It is easy to use and water permeable. It offers protection against pollution and UV rays. After application, it looks great.

The process of painting clay tiles


Certain conditions are favorable for painting clay tiles. These are days without too much heat and too much wind. These conditions make it possible to obtain a good result at the end of the work. So, let’s discover the process of painting clay tiles.

Preparing the substrate

Preparing the substrate makes it easier to apply the paint. It also makes it easier to keep the paint on the tile for a long time.

    • Start by checking the condition of the tiles: make sure that all the leaves are in good condition. If you find any broken or punctured leaves, don’t hesitate to replace or repair them.
    • Do a general cleaning of the tiles: it is better to call a specialist. They can move a pressure washer to scrub the entire surface of the tiles. If you decide to do it yourself, you will need a wide brush. Also, use a waterproofing treatment and an anti-foam product. Why not take this opportunity to clean the gutters?

Paint application

After cleaning the tiles, let them dry properly. After drying comes to the stage of applying the paint. You can choose between using a spray gun or a long-haired roller. At this point, we recommend the spray gun. It allows for an even application of paint and is easy to use. Moreover, if you don’t have one, you can rent one.

In most cases, two coats of paint are required for tile roofs. However, in this case, follow the instructions on the paint can. There may be some differences depending on the brand of paint. Wait 24 hours between each coat of paint. Finally, if your roof does not have dry sand, sand it before the last coat dries.

Dress for the job


Painting is a messy job, so line your floor with old paper and dress with clothes that you won’t mind getting rid of. Wear an old pair of tennis shoes, a long sleeve tee, pants, a cap, and some goggles. Painting is a mess, and at the end of the day, the paint will fall, which is a granted.

So, by preparing for the job, you are making sure that you aren’t messing up your home by lining your floor with old newspaper, and by wearing old clothes, you are ensuring that you aren’t ruining your best fit. Sound off in the comments section below and tell us what you want to read next and if you want to read more about roof painting.

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