Decorative Paints: For a Perfect Interior

When finishing construction work or decorating, it is impossible not to use paint.

Decorative Paints for a Living Room

Apart from the furniture, the wall decoration is crucial for the living room because it gives a touch of brilliance to the whole room. Besides, the first glance of your guests goes on the walls. That’s why we call it wall art. Pictures, works of art, flower pots, etc., are attached to the wall. To better sublimate your living room wall, bet on the color of paintings. When you like the classic or have a lot of decorative accessories inside, opt for white or pearl color. These colors are always in the lead in the choice of paints because they blend gracefully with other colors like blue, etc. Moreover, they play very well on the woody contrast of the furniture and the floor.

However, choose the matte color if you like dressing your furniture in white. You can also put a carpet in matte color to lighten the shade of colors. This is a modern style.

On the other hand, to bring out the charm of your home, adopt the color brown. It is both elegant and adapts to detritus and dust. This way, your home keeps its freshness despite the weather.

Decorative Paint for the Bathroom

If you want to give your bathroom a makeover, use white oil-based paint. This will illuminate this room and reflect the cleanliness of a place. Alternatively, you can choose a somewhat sober color such as gray. It can be combined perfectly with the colors of the sanitary equipment such as the bathtub. In addition, gray has a neutral tone and hides the impurities.

Trendy Paints for the Kitchen

To style your kitchen, the softness of cream paint is a great choice. It is close to white and is tinted with beige or pink. Thus, it combines very well with fruits and vegetables’ green and orange color. Among other things, it is preferable to cover your kitchen furniture in white. On the other hand, when the latter is equipped with a gray metal cabinet, the color mustard yellow makes a good match.

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Patterned Paint With Simple Accessories

There are currently decorative accessories such as cloth, brush, faux wood comb, a sponge to give effects to your paint. You just need to be creative in applying the paints. First, apply the first layer as usual with the brush, smooth and sand well. Wait for it to dry before applying the second coat.

For finishing, there are special paints such as acrylic and glycerophthalic paint. In fact, glycerophthalic is an oil-based paint that is naturally decorative since it retains a glossy effect after drying. Both paints are applied with these accessories. For example, for a blended and speckled effect, use the sponge instead of the brush. Use a plastic bag and crumple up the finish for a different pattern, or wipe off the final coat with a faux wood comb for a dramatic effect.

In addition, some producers have made original patterned paints. One example is TALLON, which offers Songe paints with a cloudy effect.

The Assembly of Colors

Apart from the patterns, the idea of assembling colors is also beautiful. For this purpose, you can combine either blue and pink, black with gold, or white with blue. To do this, first, apply the blue color paint. Then, to spread the white paint, you can carve your brush in the form of a spiral or other decorations to let the first layer in blue show through. Another method, before applying the first coat, you can preserve some areas on the wall surface by making a nice design with a tape cover or tape. Once this is done, apply the first coat directly in black. After it dries, gently remove the strips or tape to show the other paint.

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