Choosing Lighting Fixtures for a Room: The Basics

There are many lighting fixtures on the market: wall sconces, floor lamps, ceiling fixtures, etc. Choosing the light that best suits a room can quickly become a real headache. To find a suitable model, you need to respect the basic principles. Discover them by reading this article.

For the Living Room

Choosing a light fixture for the living room is not something you do on a whim. The best solution is to create different lighting zones with the help of multiple light points. For this, there are many options available to you. For example, you can use a floor lamp with a dimmer switch as the leading light. And to bring more light into the room, don’t hesitate to create rows of spotlights on the ceiling or walls.

You can also install a hanging lamp above your coffee table. This will create a warm atmosphere.

Near the armchairs where you will do some reading, install some accent lamps.

For the Dining Room

Intense lighting is necessary during the meal. You have two options: install a pendant or a ceiling light. Remember to choose a model that is proportional to the size of the room, so as not to detract from its aesthetic appearance.

Here’s how to calculate the ideal diameter (in cm) of your light fixture: measure your dining room’s width and length (in meters) and add them up. Then multiply the result by 8.

You can also add wall sconces to this room.

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For the Kitchen

This room plays several roles: a place to prepare meals, a place of tasting, etc. It requires compelling lighting. It, therefore, requires very powerful lighting. You have many options, including a row of spotlights, flat LED panels, a ceiling light, or a pendant.

For maximum illumination of work areas, install spotlights underneath tall furniture. To highlight the contents of your display case, do not hesitate to place LED lights.

For the Bedroom

The light you choose for your bedroom should not prevent you from sleeping. It should not be aggressive. For this, installing a ceiling light is an excellent solution for general lighting.

If you want to install sconces or bedside lamps in this room, place them on either side of your bed.

Spotlights are recommended if your dressing room is in your bedroom.

Good to know: the lighting in your children’s bedrooms should reach all the way to the floor. Therefore, the lights should be located at a fairly low level. Choose string lights or install a wall light to create a soft and calm atmosphere.

For the Bathroom

The lights you choose for your bathroom must be both relaxing and effective. This room needs three sources of light: general lighting, functional lighting, and ambient lighting.

Among the possible lighting solutions, spotlights, ceiling lights, light mirrors, wall lights, and strip lights are the most commonly used. And for a good reason, they allow you to limit electricity consumption.

A word of advice: be careful when choosing the lights to install in this room. They must be highly resistant to humidity and comply with safety standards.

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