Choosing A Door Handle: Advice From A Pro!


The role of a doorknob is not limited to opening and closing doors. It also plays an essential role in interior design. It has a substantial impact on the house’s aesthetics, although it is only a small detail. That is why it is necessary to choose the right model. In this section, discover the advice of a professional on the criteria to consider when buying the ideal door handle.

Be aware of door handle types.


To choose the right door handle, you need to consider the models that are out there. On the market, you’ll find a variety of them. Here are the most trendy of the moment:

The lever handle door handle:

This model is the most common, as it fits perfectly with any architectural style. It maximizes the comfort of the house. Simple, it will not harm the aesthetics of your home. Aside from the decorative aspect, the lever handle door handle is also easy to use. It is operated by simply pressing the lever handle, which is usually extended downward.

The round door handle:

The round door handle, otherwise known as a knob, is the best choice if you want to bring a rustic style to your interior design. Simply operate the handle by turning the knob on the right or left side regarding the use. It will blend perfectly with different atmospheres: modern, traditional, minimalist, bohemian…

For information, it is possible to find handles with a lever handle on the other side of the door and a system with a button on the other side.

The door handle on the rose:

This model is very popular with French households. Discreet, it adapts to different interior styles. Often circular in shape, it gives cachet to any room in the house (living room, kitchen…).

Opt for the right closing system

In addition to the model, the locking system of the handle is also a point to consider when buying a lock. You can find a key, keyless, or locking system.

The door handle without hole:


It is often installed on the doors of living rooms: living room, bedroom, living room …

The door handle with key:

This door handle system is very common on doors of rooms that need to be locked for security or privacy reasons: garage, cellar, office, bedroom…

The door handle with condemnation:

It is more practical for bathroom doors and toilets. It allows you to secure the room by operating a button from the inside.

Choosing an aesthetic door handle


The choice of a door handle also depends on its aesthetics. For this, you must pay particular attention to its material. Your choice must rely on the desired look but also on the climatic constraints of your region, especially if it is an exterior door. You will find a variety of materials: stainless steel, wood, glass, steel, bronze, wrought iron, aluminum, brass, zamak…

Currently, wooden doors are making a comeback in interior design. They are warm and aesthetic. Wood is a noble material, which gives the handles a chic appearance. Solid, it also offers durability of use. Moreover, it requires no regular maintenance to extend its life.

Apart from the material, you can also play with the shape, texture, and color of the handle to choose the designs that will beautifully adorn the doors of your home. You also have the option of customizing the accessory to bring a unique touch to the interior of your home.

Your doorknob should be as unique as your home, and not any doorknob should do the job. Find the doorknob that best fits your need and the aesthetic you are going for. Sound off in the comments section below and tell us what you want to read next and what your favorite doorknob is.

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