The Canadian Interior, a Decorating Style You Should Adopt

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Canadian home interiors follow a unique decorating code. This is the first thing Canadians will look at when they visit a newcomer’s home. Your integration into the community will depend on your adaptation to their lifestyle, and that starts with your interior design. So how do you go about it? Find out here how to adopt a Canadian design interior.

Preferred Coverings

The dressing of a room is the first point to work on to reflect a style of decoration. It will create an atmosphere in the room. So, what type of covering to choose for a Canadian interior at home?

Each type of siding matches a decorating style. Some can be adapted to any kind. However, only a few types of flooring can reflect the Canadian style of decorating. These are :

Solid Wood Flooring

If we had to describe in one word a Canadian interior, it would be ”warm”. However, only natural materials can bring such an atmosphere, especially natural wood. It is both an aesthetic and technical choice.

Indeed, thanks to its authenticity, natural wood gives character to a room. Moreover, it is a very resistant material with an undeniable thermal and sound performance. In addition, the maintenance of the floor does not require much effort.

Of course, don’t forget to lay a large fur or wool rug to accentuate the Nordic feel of the decor.


The Canadian interior approaches the rustic style. Keeping the solid wood floor as wall and floor covering is possible, but Canadians also appreciate other wall coverings like brick. Therefore, the country character of brick fits well with this style. You can opt for stone walls, but brick has the advantage of being a better thermal insulator, and we all know how cold it gets in Canada.

Popular Furniture

It is the furniture that will sharpen your interior design. But for this one to correspond to the Canadian style, the choice of the furniture will have to take into account specific criteria:

The Type of Furniture

Canadians equip their living rooms with particular furniture. Indeed, to stay true to the country spirit, they prefer to use furniture often found in cabins, such as leather armchairs, couches, TV tables, and wooden coffee tables.

The Style of Furniture

As you can see, the Canadian interior is characterized by a somewhat retro and rural design. Thus, vintage-style furniture has its place in your living room. Moreover, they do not hesitate to put plaids on their sofas and couches to keep warm during the winter season.

Couple caps half century, and 150 years, of Canadian decor - The Globe and  Mail

The Color of Furniture

We recall that the Canadian interior uses a style of decoration, both rustic and modern. This means it favors warm colors but not too bright to match the contemporary style. That’s why you should choose beige, camel or copper furniture.

Where To Find Furniture?

Furniture can be found in any furniture store. However, the majority of them only sell modern furniture and woodwork. The ideal solution would be to order custom-made furniture from a cabinetmaker. But because of the costs involved, it is preferable to go to a store that sells explicitly rustic and modern furniture.

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