Ways to clean up and take care of your tiles


Cleaning your tiles can be a real hassle, especially if you are a procrastinator at heart like me, then you really dread this task. But, it is something that you have to do, and you better get into it because clean tiles are a sign of a clean home. So, put on your favorite tune and take your equipment because we are going to tell you the perfect way to take care of your tiles.

Ask your guest to remove their shoes


If you are a second-generation Indian kid like me, this is a given before your enter the home, but it’s not a regular practice that everyone does. Most Asian households have indoor slippers and outdoor shoes, so this is one thing that you can start doing to respect and take care of your tiles. This is a precautionary measure to avoid any scratch on the tile, which can cost you a pretty penny to fix. This keeps all the debris attached to the shoe’s sole and won’t get dragged on your tiles which solves any scratches and scuffs from shoes.

Clean regularly


Your day-to-day life may ruin the pristine nature of your perfect tile; from food and drink spills to crack caused by rocks or the fall of a heavy object, your tile is at the mercy of a lot of things. You think you can prevent them from looking dirty; one way to fix this is to take care of your tiles b cleaning them on a regular basis. They are easy to clean, which means they demand minimum effort to maintain, but regular upkeep is key to prevent them from falling victim to the wear of tear of debris.

You can even mop your tiles with warm water at least once a week and use a mild soap to enhance the tiles’ shine, gloss, and color. However, make sure that you’ve talked to the manufacturer or the one where you bought your tiles and ensure what kind of products you can use on your tiles.

Don’t look at it as work.


Remember, don’t take this as a task because you will dread it, instead take it like a fun activity that you can do while listening to your favorite songs (Adele’s 30 is around the corner, so prepare the waterworks) or podcast. For me, doing the dishes and cleaning the tiles are like the times when I let loose and dance and sing as if there is no one else in the room. This is one way to make this less dreadful.

Replace or repair damaged floor tiles


Scratches accumulate dirt over time, which attracts people’s eyes to the imperfection instead of focusing on the pristine look of the overall floor. While extensive damage like crack that extends to the white parts of the tile needs to be replaced, your average scratch can be easier buffed out, making the tile look brand new. For your porcelain and ceramic tile, a scratch toothpaste, brass polish, or a repair kit that fixes the scratches, but for marble floors, you’ll need either acetone or epoxy to restore the marble.

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