Debunking Popular Myths about Home Décor (Part 1)


We all want to live in the house that we carefully craft and curate to our liking, but most of us aren’t able to do this because of lack of space, money, or sheer laziness. Having said this, there is a lot of myth surrounding home décor on the internet, and most of them are usually fake and are there for clickbait reasons. I must admit that some of them seem pretty convincing, but I am sure I’m not the first nor the last person to say this, but you shouldn’t believe everything that you see or read on the internet. So, come along with us as we debunk some of the most popular myths about home décor on the internet.

#Myth 1- Don’t Mix Patterns


This is another design misconception that should have already died out by now because it is also untrue, and you should be able to decorate your home however you want. There is no better way to give a room more character than adding and mixing different patterns and designs, if you ask me. You can also use clashing patterns to give your room a more eccentric and artistic design, and if that doesn’t work out, you can always call it quiche. Whatever pattern you decide to use or not to use, be creative and have fun with it.

#Myth 2- Dark color make the room look smaller

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This is probably one of the oldest myths in the books, and people still believe it to this day. However, it needs to go away at this point because it is untrue, and it is preventing a lot of people from painting their room a dark color, and if you have your own library at home, it prevents you from having that classic dark academia vibe. Contrary to popular beliefs, dark colors give a level of sophistication and coziness to a room that you won’t get from any pastel colors. Using only one color in a room, be it a dark or light one, blends in all the lines and makes the room appear more significant than it actually is.

#Myth 3- Home décor is expensive as hell 


I used to think this too, but as I learned more about it and started doing my research and thrifting my piece of furniture and art, it all started to make sense. Home décor can be expensive if you look for specific this without bargaining and thrifting for them. Your purchases can rack up pretty quickly, and it may cost you a lot if you aren’t careful. What is the best way to decorate your home then? Well, if you are on a budget, we advise you to buy one piece of furniture or décor each month, like this the bills doesn’t add up at the same time and your wallet and bank account will thank you for this as you won’t have to spend a huge amount of money at the same time. So, yes, home décor can be expensive if you are looking for bougie and costly items, but you can easily do this on a budget and by thrifting most of your items.

#Myth 4- Follow the rules


The anarchist in my head is screaming rules are meant to be broken right now. This is especially true when it comes to home décor because you are going to live in that home at the end of the day, so even if it looks like it came out of a catalog book, it might not fit your particular aesthetic so, off with the rules and have fun with it. Let’s set one thing straight… I’m not, but jokes aside, there is no linear way you need to follow for home décor; as long as it makes you happy, do it.

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