3 Tips for Choosing the Right Dining Room Lighting

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Lighting is an element not to be neglected in the different rooms of the house: kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, dining room, etc. In this article, discover 3 tips for choosing the proper dining room lighting.

Consider the Use of the Light Fixture

The first thing to do before selecting the dining room light fixture is to determine its use.

Main Lighting

For example, in the case of the main lighting, the floor or ceiling light will do very well. This type of lighting can be combined with other light sources to add character to your room. Remember to choose a model that fits your dining room’s interior style: Scandinavian, industrial, classic, rustic, etc.

Highlighting a Particular Area

Opt for hanging lights if you want to highlight a particular area in the room, such as the dining table. For a round table, install a floor or ceiling lamp. For a square table, choose linear pendant lights such as in-line recessed spotlights. Choose a long-line pendant if it’s a dining area around a bar or island or a rectangular table. To bring a unique ambiance to your dining room, install an oversized pendant. Some models are adjustable.

Once you’ve selected the correct type of fixture for your table, place it at the right height. It should be neither too high nor too low, and you must be able to see the other people around the table. In principle, the light should be 1 meter above the table.

Enhancing the Dining Room

Choose small lamps or wall sconces if you’re installing a light fixture to enhance the dining room. Take care to place them near a cabinet or coffee table to get the desired effect. This also brings a cozy atmosphere to the dining room.

Don’t forget to select the correct type of bulb to use. If you want a cool, white and powerful light, it is better to use halogen bulbs. However, if you are looking for warm and comfortable light, you should use incandescent bulbs.

Consider Other Light Sources

Other light sources are part of the parameters to consider before installing a dining room light. For a dark room, for example, it is better to choose a light fixture with more precise lighting. On the other hand, opt for a lampshade if you want to bring more warmth and comfort to your room.

Take Into Account the Interior Style of the Dining Room

The choice of the dining room light fixture depends on the interior style of the room. For a rustic industrial or country-style dining room, go for a woven shade light. On the other hand, if you have a contemporary dining room, it is better to install pendant lights. In the case of a loft-style dining room, choose large factory lamps.

The interior style of the dining room is also something to consider to choose the right material for the dining room light fixture.

Choosing the dining room light is not a simple task if you are not a connoisseur. To avoid selecting the wrong model and get a sound installation, contact a specialized company. You can ask around to find the right professional. Don’t hesitate to ask for one or more quotes to compare the different existing offers.

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  1. It does make sense to consider giving your dining room enough lighting for a warmer ambiance. My uncle asked me for advice on how to proceed with his idea of beefing up the looks of his home. Perhaps a remodeling expert could help him out once he has enough financing!

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