5 Fascinating Ways to Use Decorative Glass

If you want to achieve a unique and attractive design element, decorative glass is your best bet. Decorative glass is a beautiful and memorable gift, but it is also very fragile. Many people want to know how to safely display decorative glass to showcase its beauty while keeping it secure. How you display it depends on the type of decorative glass you have. For example, coloured glass can be hung in front of a window, while patterned glass can be placed on a table. There are many options for different types of decorative glass – you can choose from acid-etched, frosted, mirrored, painted or sandblasted glass to create the look you want. Decorative glass products can be used for many different purposes, but read on to find out what we think are the most effective ways to use decorative glass.


#1. Frosted or Lacquered Glass Balustrades

Glass balustrades are very elegant in minimalist clear glass, but they can be eye-catching when fitted with decorative glass. Coloured glass railings can make a dramatic design statement. On the other hand, frosted glass balustrades can display corporate logos or simply protect privacy.


#2. Decorative Glass Panels

Glass panels effectively protect walls while adding a striking new decorative effect to your spaces. Decorative wall panels are handy for commercial areas where unprotected walls and surfaces can be subject to a lot of wear and tear. They are a great way to add colour or corporate motifs to your interior. Whether you choose coloured or frosted glass, the effect can be stunning.


#3. Coloured Glass Frames for Splashbacks

One of the most popular installations done in homes is tinted glass panels. And it’s no wonder. They’re durable, long-lasting, safe, hygienic and beautiful – tinted glass tiles have a lot to offer! Tinted glass is available in an unlimited number of colours – commercial glass suppliers, like Peterlee Glass can even match your glass dispensers. For fast delivery, we also offer Lacobel T-tinted glass, which is available in 15 modern colours and can be cut and tempered directly to reduce delivery time.


#4. Decorative Glass Floors and Stairs

Few design solutions are more dramatic and elegant than glass floors. Glass floors have many benefits – they are easy to clean, beautiful, durable and allow natural light to flow through the building. But when it comes to clear glass flooring, there is often a privacy issue. Installing frosted glass flooring eliminates this problem without compromising the other benefits. Another common problem with glass floors in commercial and residential settings is that they lack adhesion and cause slips and falls. By smoothing or sanding, you can create a rougher surface texture, which increases traction underfoot.


#5. Decorative Windows or Shop Fronts

A stylish and elegant way to add your company’s brand to a shopfront is to use decorative glass. Logos can be added to glass, either in painted or frosted form. Frosted glass can also be used to create privacy – either as a solid frosted glass panel or as a unique design.


Glass, in particular, is an excellent and useful material for those who want to create a unique environment. With glass, you can quickly turn even small things like a stair railing or a small window into a wall. Glass can be used to make glass tables, shelves, doors, stairs, shower walls, etc. Almost anything can be made of glass. When decorating with glass, it’s important to remember that trends are constantly changing. Therefore, it is wise to choose something stylish and simple to get bored after a while. It’s also wise to select simplicity as a starting point and then include details that follow the trend and quickly change when you feel like it. Because the fabric is so flexible, you can get almost exactly what you want. The possibilities are endless… You can turn to Interlayer Solutions Inc. for all your decorative glass lamination needs. These professionals offer decorative PET inserts in various colours and textures.




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